July 29, 2021

How our inner Child can Teach us Planting the Seed to feel Peace Within.


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Growing up as a child, we had the most imaginative minds. We played any role we liked without fear or doubt.

We would just do things without overthinking everything—we just knew how to have fun and not worry about silly things.

But obviously, as we enter the teenage era, we start to become more influenced by our peers or friends. This is when we start to lose our true self and try to become like other people. We look up to actors, actresses, influencers on social media, and others.

Then we enter this bizarre world of materialism and illusion. This is the time when our minds are set to be like others or to be better than others. We buy fancy clothes to stand out, and others buy fancy cars to look cool while driving around even though the car may not be useful or necessary when we do our grocery shopping.

We want to live in fancy houses that are bigger than necessary. We even try to change the way we look by having procedures and surgery.

It’s kind of crazy when we think about all of this. Why are we doing this? Do we really believe this will take us down the road of happiness? Well, my answer is, unfortunately, no.

This is not going to lead us toward our blissful path. I always knew there was more to life than just working to make money, to buy nice things, to look good to impress other people, or to become successful and feel superior.

We all experience our journey following our own road maps. Even when we arrive at our own destination, we continue to observe the map instead of putting the map away and enjoying the destination we just landed in.

This is what happens to most of us throughout our life; we feel lost in our own expectations.

This is why most people get confused and feel stuck in life because they are simply not living their life (as their true soul that they are) and not being appreciative for the life they have.

If we could just rewind our way of thinking to the time when we were that sweet, innocent child who had no fear or doubt.

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This was the time that we planted our own seeds to fulfil our life, but then we got caught up in this illusionary world, and these seeds got lost.

We grow up experiencing so many things, and our minds get overwhelmed by silly things—too many things. We experience so much pain and suffering, and then we wonder why does life have to be this way?

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way; we made it this way. It’s not easy being a human body in a spiritual being. We will go through life making mistakes, and good stuff happens too.

But the question is, is it really great? No matter what happens throughout people’s lives and no matter what they might have for themselves, they just never seem to be happy.

As we grow older and experience many events, it’s not too late to plant our own seeds and watch ourselves grow.

It’s up to us to be who we want to be, whatever our passion may be. We shall ask ourselves, “How can I contribute to others and feel fulfilled within myself?”

This is where we will discover our own happiness. We can still achieve what we desire but think about how we are making other people feel instead of doing it for ourselves to feel superior or to look cool.

We need to awaken to the truth of who we really are—it’s not too late to plant your seeds to watch yourself grow. Whatever happened in our past life already happened, and it was meant to happen that way to get us to the place we are in today.

There is so much more to life than feeling depressed, angry, or sad. We all came here for a reason, so we need to discover what our purpose is. We shall fulfil our life’s purpose for as long as we can do what we desire that will help to serve others.

As long as we share love and compassion toward ourselves and other people, we are able to tolerate anything that comes our way. We should aim to reach that place we want to get to. And this is the best thing about life—to be able to watch our own seeds grow.

We want to look back at our own life and feel peace within, even if this could be our last day on this beautiful earth. We shall be smiling—there is no doubt about that.

Once we get to that place, we can be truly positive and say, “Yes, I love my life.”


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Read 4 comments and reply

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