July 28, 2021

A 4-Step Thought Process to Help us Understand, Release & Dissolve our Trauma.


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All trauma can be dissolved permanently. 

Now, this may sound like a bold statement, but after 40 years of working with people and trauma, I have come to believe this is a fact.

Over the years, I have discovered a system that releases trauma from the mind, body, and soul. This method goes far beyond coping or management. After much trial, research, and application on myself and my own abusive traumas, I can attest to this. (Not to mention the hundreds of people I’ve seen successfully release their own.)

As pointed out in Janice Isaman’s article, “The Root of Attachment Trauma & Why we Suffocate our Relationships (or Push them Away),” most trauma develops in utero and from our childhood.

The major point that is missing is that our perceptions, interpretations, and thereafter formed beliefs are what hold the trauma. It remains in the mind/body/spirit connection for as long as we do not shift.

Remember, these beliefs and perceptions were formed by a child who had no wisdom of the world, and yet we still believe these perspectives as true as adults. We then live our life based on these “child-like” perceptions and beliefs.

This is like asking a three-year-old to navigate intimate relationships like a 40-year-old. (Oops, that is something else we do. No wonder why relationships are so difficult…LOL!)

The following four concepts are the basis for understanding how to resolve trauma:

  1. All trauma is based on belief and perception. 
  2. All trauma can be changed and/or dissolved.
  3. Perception and belief are the sources of trauma.
  4. Consciously and unconsciously shift perceptions and beliefs.

It is essential that you have someone well skilled in this release work to assist you. Many of the beliefs and perceptions are unconscious, so rooting them out on your own is nearly impossible.

When looking for someone, always ask them about their own inner journey. If they have not traveled the road themselves, then they can only share intellectual knowledge. Only the experienced have the wisdom required to assist you in achieving such wonderful results.

Lots of love to you on your beautiful journey!

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Read 2 comments and reply

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