July 28, 2021

The Raging Oceans of Love Consumed Us.

It’s strange how sometimes things, experiences, and circumstances can all intermingle and become an inspiration for a multitude of expressive releases.

Humans can be so restricted at times, and an outlet for creativity is so freeing for the soul—it’s so powerful.

Having the ability to make a blog, put pen to paper, or create a video can really open the mind to further creative possibilities and sometimes we just need that one inspiration, that one push, to really release what we have suppressed inside and to get lost in the emotions that have been hidden deep within.

Recently I had a blank spell—I wasn’t writing. A literal block clouded my mind with life’s unfortunate realities and it took that one spark of imagination, an image of beauty, a person, and a place to reignite the fires within.

We all have the capability to push our creative limits and to free the beauty within for others to really embrace and enjoy. Although this isn’t your usual Elephant Journal style post, I still thought it was important to share the beauty that was released for the world to read.

So grab a brew, settle down, and read this short-written piece about emotional tidal waves.


The island was bare of emotion, desolate of life, and I feared an eternity of pretense that awaited me.

The receding tide created patterns that represented a lifetime of false words in the sand. Preceding this hollow moment were reminders of a time when I have felt only the shark’s teeth damaging my heart, creating deep cavernous scars that I felt were destined to restrict it like the Kraken’s tentacles—squeezing all hope from me as the claws bled me dry of emotions.

The glow of my soul fading from the light of this life, the stormy ocean calling me to surrender myself to the grim prospect of deaths beckoning as I would fall into Davy Jones’s locker.

I felt all was lost as the current shifted.

You are the waves to my desolate shore, as certain as the ever-moving tide. I was pulled by the moon’s gravitational force to you and you to me in a consensual unity that has transcended time, space, and certainty.

The raging oceans of love consumed us, drowning us in sensually beautiful feelings—leaving us unable to breathe anything but the oxygen of each other, filling our lungs with intoxicating fumes that rush through our mortal bodies, and entering the cerebral cortex with intense endorphins rushing through our minds.

Our own personal brand of drug that releases reality-altering chemicals, making us fly high on the wings of love, never coming down, never going to put our feet back down on the ground.

The pleasures of the submissive masochistic pain that you crave, unique to our twisted, tortured sadistic souls, swirling around each other like a riptide of our wettest dreams and becoming a beautiful, dominating, and sinful reality of fantasy’s come true. The flesh electrified with even the slightest of touches, lighting up our senses like bioluminescent algae creating a beautiful aura that surrounds only our light in the darkest corners of our imagination.

Like the explorers who sailed the seven seas, I have mapped your body in the indelible memories created only for me. I use it to create ripples and tsunamis of delectable desires for you to enjoy over and over as I chart the secret lagoons hidden on the treasure-filled map of lust.

The calming ocean reflected in your eyes, a beautiful green, that hypnotised me from the second I saw you as my pastel blue eyes reflected like the sky, creating a perfect panorama picture captured for a lifetime in the thoughts of our timeless future, a future filled with the seven natural wonders of the world that are laid out before us to look at in awe.

You, my love, are the eighth wonder, my eternity, my ocean of love, my seductive siren of the deep that called to me and now carries my soul to the depths of your love.


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