November 2, 2015

The Top Signs You’ve Found Your Twin Flame Relationship.

“Ancient lovers never forget the echo of each other’s hearts. An ocean of lifetimes may pass but still, in the end, your heart will guide you home.” ~ Unknown

Unlike soulmates, the twin flame relationship is strictly a romantic relationship. But how do we know when we have actually met him or her?

The idea of twin flames is old, but as society has undergone an accelerated spiritual awakening, the term has become more widely known and accepted. The basic difference between a soulmate and a twin flame is that anyone in our life could be a soulmate—including a parent, friend, child or lover.

The twin flame relationship is only a romantic relationship.

The twin flame relationship is described as the division of a single flame that was placed into two different souls. These two souls are then reincarnated over the course of several lifetimes gathering human experiences and learning—usually only coming together during one of their last lifetimes on Earth.

The reunion of the twin flames is the ultimate undefinable romantic connection of two souls.

But this connection is far from easy—or simple.

While many karmic relationships masquerade as twin flames, there are inherent differences that separate the twin flame from any other type of relationship.

“Some souls just understand each other upon meeting.” ~ N.R. Hart

One of the first signs that we have met our twin flame is the high level of understanding that we feel toward one another. We simply make sense to one another, and while we may sometimes wonder about what our choices, we simply understand their soul.


Familiarity within the Twin Flame Relationship is Key

There is also a familiarity between twin flames that makes us feel like we have known each other forever.

It is this quality that makes our connection timeless. It’s the feeling of looking into another’s eyes and seeing ourselves reflected back at us.

It’s not always going to make sense and it’s not going to follow any predetermined timeline, but it will shake us to our core.

Because every once in a while we meet someone—and from the very first meeting it feels like coming home.

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How do we know if we’ve meet our twin flame?

This is what it feels like to be looking into the eyes of our twin flame.

“…Both twins feel simultaneously inspired and toppled by the union.” ~ Unknown

Another of the surest signs of the twin flame connection is the synchronized push and pull toward our mate.

This type of connection is overwhelming at times and terrifying at others.

At the very best it’s everything we’ve ever wanted and at the worst, overwhelming because of its emotional depths.

The Struggles of a Twin Flame Relationship

The twin flame relationship is not an easy one to navigate.

To make matters worse, there is historically a runner and a chaser phase within each union.

While the reasoning behind these roles are still much unknown, it seems that as part of the equal division of the Yin-Yang energy upon creation, there is one partner who is constantly scared of the connection (often the male energy) and the other who is the validator (usually female) of all the feelings and energy present.

It’s not to say that the runner can’t then become the chaser, but historically there is one twin flame who is the first to express their heart and lay it on the line.

It is then up to the runner to see if they are soul ready to accept this type of union and relationship.

Fortunately, this chasing and running phase doesn’t last for the duration of the relationship, but it is usually present in the beginning, until both people are accountable for their past, including any lingering emotional or mental baggage.

Many people often dismiss the twin flame connection because of the initial difficulty, but it is this hard beginning that truly defines the twin flame relationship.

Only our twin flame can hold up the mirror to all of the aspects of our lives where we are stuck and need to grow. But both partners must decide whether to stick around for the metamorphosis or to pull a permeant disappearing act.

“People who are meant to be together will always find their way back to each other. They might take detours in life, but they’re never lost.” ~ Christina Silverio

Twin flames will have the most convoluted love stories—this is not a boy meet girl, boy falls in love with girl and boy marries girl type of love story.

No, this union will be more like boy meets girl, boy runs away from girl, girl marries another, boy travels the world, boy and girl meet again decade’s later, boy runs from girl again, and girl runs from boy—so forth and so on.

Sometimes twin flames just aren’t ready to come together in a particular lifetime—but even if we are, our storyline won’t be an easy one.

The Meaning of the Twin Flame Relationship: Wake Up to Yourself

The entire purpose of the twin flame experience is to challenge one another and wake each other up to be the best possible version of ourselves—but not everyone is ready to be awakened.

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Not everyone is ready to dive to the depths of their soul, to see what lurks there—and sometimes, no matter how our hearts feel, in the end, it is sometimes easier to run away.

Photo: Rui Lopes/Pixoto

Twin Flames Always Come Back to Each Other

The major theme to a twin flame connection is that no matter how many times we part ways—we always seem to find our way back to one another.

Time becomes irrelevant—because souls don’t understand the concept of months or years—we only understand the feeling of powerful eye contact and of the incredible soul shaking energy when our chakra points line up with another.

And it’s because of these intense physical responses, that everything else just drops away when two twin flames come into contact with one another.

The twin flame connection is a powerful life changing force because of the deep spiritual and emotional connection.

We could spend years running from our twin flame—only to realize that in the end, it wasn’t them we were running from, but ourselves.

It’s not easy living an awakened authentic life, but if our twin flame is knocking, then why not answer?

Because sometimes, it’s not difficulty that haunts us the most, but what is left undone.

“Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.” ~ Paulo Coelho


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The Phenomenon & Meaning of 11:11: The Twin Flame Connection.

Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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nameuserxxxx Aug 12, 2019 5:09am

I never knew what a twin flame was until I started looking into spiritual and celestial aspects of life. It’s funny, though. I remember asking other people why I felt such a connection with this guy when I only knew his name. They said I was just an emotional teenager, but it turns out that wasn’t the case.

I met my twin flame when we attended the same high school together. It was such a strange, scary, unusual feeling for me and I’m sure him as well when we first met. I could just see it on his face – in his eyes – that he felt that same magnetic pull from his chest that I felt as well. I strongly felt that I knew this kid from another life, like, we we’re friends or lovers of a sort before.

Every single time we passed each other in the hallway the air seemed thicker, my chest felt heavier, and it seemed like my lungs struggled to pull in oxygen. It was almost suffocating. I didn’t know how but I knew he felt the connection too. Can you imagine how worse it was when we had to sit next to each other for a full school year? Lol. It was always interesting.

I tried talking to him, but like the article suggest, he pushed me away, but only when his buddies were around. If I caught him by himself he was a charmer, and had a beautiful smile that made my heart race. But it was the whole cliché bullsh*t “strange girl falls for jockey guy” type deal, so those moments were few and far between. I can only wonder if he was truly afraid of the connection he felt, or maybe he just didn’t want to be involved with the goth girl in school while he was a football player. Distasteful, I know. Also like I said, very cliché.

After high school we both went our separate ways. I’m 25 now and I haven’t laid eyes on him physically since our graduation date. Even though many months would pass, even I found another guy (who I couldn’t love back) and he married this picky woman from our school, I still found myself thinking of him from time to time. Wondering where he’s at. If he’s happy. What’s he doing. Kind of makes me wonder if he thinks the same of me. I don’t know where he is or what he’s up to. I can’t even find him on social media anymore. I started believing I made him up because of this, but I then found his wife’s profile, but I still couldn’t find his.

Oh well. I’m not fretting over it, it just makes my heart feel funny… not really funny, more like broken and torn. But I can’t do anything about it. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be in this lifetime. Also, I am only 25 so there’s still time to find him again, unless he crosses my path first. Only time will tell.

chantalmalan Nov 22, 2018 1:17pm

Very good article. Just a word of caution to readers who want to use this information to excuse any kind of toxic, narcissistic or psychopathic behaviour. Mixed signals are more often than not, a clear sign to stay away. A person who truly loves you will want to make you happy and be with you as often as possible. That is why people get married, they can’t bear the thought of being apart. So please be careful of selling yourself short and accepting less than you truly deserve.

Lilly Apr 10, 2016 4:46pm

I met a coworker, he is kind of an introvert. The first time we bumped into each other in the office he just gave me this intense stare, like he wanted to kill me or something. But it was weird because I know it wasn't a death stare. I knew it was a I like you stare. As I passed his office daily I started to say goodnight, good morning. His intense eye contact did something to me. One day the office was pretty empty. I walked by and decided to be brave and have a random conversation. I had never seen anyone's face light up like his did at that moment. It's hard to explain. Just being in his presence made my day. I started stopping by his office daily to chat. He seemed happy every time and we just talked about nonsense, dumb stuff but those 5 mins every day made me happy to get up in the morning.

One day we found ourselves at a company function together, he told me he had feelings for me but in a way that confused me a little. When he was done talking his dead was kind of tilted downwards as he looked up at me like a child that just told his parents he did something bad. It was so cute. I never expected it so of course I was an idiot. I should of continued the conversation and asked him questions but of course I just smiled and said yeah. I am an idiot.

So a year goes by and nothing changes. We still talk. I feel his eyes on me every time he passes my desk, that amazing eye contact.. I finally get up the courage to ask him to lunch. I do understand he's very busy and usually only takes a short lunch break (alone). Both times I ask him, he agrees but when the day roles around he can't because a meeting, or something. 'How about next week he says' but then never brings it up. I gave up after 2 times.

About a month goes by and I get a new job offer. I give my 2 week notice and tell him. He looks shocked but says he's happy for me, his face said otherwise. On my last day he wasn't there, working from home. I felt crushed but surprisingly not completely so. It's 4:45 pm and I get up the courage to send him an email. Something like just saying bye, sad you weren't here today etc. Gave him my personal email, cell number. I was pretty sure I wasn't going to hear from him. I got hom and checked my email, nothing 🙁 The next morning I check me email and there he is! Turned out he emailed me about 5 mins after my email to him, (looks like my home wifi wasn't working so I didn't get it right away). I was so happy. I didn't want to look desperate so I responded the next day. I was feeling bold so ended the email 'If you'd ever like to get together let me know, I'd like to be friends' …He again responded right away 'Yeah, I'd like to, maybe sometime next week?' Of course agreed and said yes just let me a day or two before….

Next week roles around, nothing:( week 2, nada. I am just feeling sad at this point, like it's all I can think about. Things are going through my head all the time, like what could I of done? Did the 'let me know a couple days before' thing turn him off?…So a month goes by, nothing. I decide to email him one last time. No response. Now it's pretty obvious. At first I felt sad, then I felt relief. At least now I know 100% that it was all in my head, he never felt anything for me. Oh well. I have had crushes in the past and when it doesn't work out, about a month and they're out of my head. Not the case here. After the week of that initial sad phase I started thinking about him again, often. Almost 5 months later I still think about him, daily. I dream about him at least twice a week. I have tried dating other guys and even if the guy is nice, handsome it doesn't matter. I only want him and the feeling is getting more painful.

I'm sorry this is so long I just want you to see the whole picture. Could he possibly be my twine flame? The runner? What can I do to move on, or should I expect him to come back?

I should mention that he's married. All he had to do was tell me one time that he likes me but is married and that would of been fine, hurtful but fine. With no closure I'm dying inside.

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