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July 22, 2021

These Five Instagram Accounts Will Bring You Peace

Photo by Lisa on Pexels.

Once upon a time I swore off social media for a year.  I was fed up with the negativity and the competitiveness and the vapidness. I closed my accounts and put my time and energy into more productive things.

But, with a little time and space, I began to realize that perhaps I had ventured into the territory of having a rather unbalanced viewpoint and that maybe I needed to take a look at social media again.  I allowed myself to accept that social media is an amazing vehicle for connecting with people and perhaps I had just been connecting with the wrong people!

I started my accounts back up and made it a priority to connect with people who brought me positive energy, with people who I wanted to connect with not compete with, and with people who were inspiring me to open my mind and heart.

Here are five of the accounts I follow that bring me great peace each day.


This travel account is filled with beautiful photos from all over the world.  Not only do they inspire me to plan my next trip, they inspire me to head out each day to find the beauty right close to home.


I love to cook and eat.  And this health and wellness account reminds me that food can be amazing and also healthy.  The photos and mouthwatering descriptions send me right into the kitchen with a plan for a lunch that will feed me mind, body, and soul.


This intuitive healer’s account is filled with quotes that make you stop and think.  They guide me to explore my inner world and clear my blocks.  And they always seem to be exactly what I need to hear each day!


I pride myself on bringing a lot of balance to my life but this account always provides me with a gentle reminder of something I can do each day to find a little more stillness and joy.


In this account international DJ turned flute musician, Victorien, shares his beautiful flute playing with you from equally beautiful locations.  (I might add that he is beautiful as well!)  If even I need to bring myself calm and happiness I pop over to his page for a quick listen.

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