July 26, 2021

What It Means to Live as a Warrior Woman.


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Warrior women who stand in their fire and do not settle for anything less than truth, respect, and accountability are unstoppable.

They’re a force to be reckoned with and will scare away the ones who see she cannot be controlled or manipulated.

They will scare away the ones who are uncomfortable with the intensity of her fire for fear that it may make them confront themselves.

She’s alert to the mind f*ckery attempts to clip her wings.

She sees a lot because she feels a lot, has healed a lot and is well-integrated in both her light and dark.

She will only gravitate or allow near her heart the ones who can see beyond her in moments because she understands the value in this.

But, she also knows of the devalue, the other side of this coin too, that can happen when the ones who can see this way, use it against her in various ways.

You cannot mess with a woman who can see you deeper than you see yourself at times, and who uses her same gift to shine light where there is darkness, consistently.

A woman who is learning to fully embody her feminine and masculine poles, and who is quick to address herself when she sees she can improve her own self-integration.

She truly is a force who is not for everyone.

We, this type of woman, see beyond the self-delusion and the mind games being played.

We see a lot. Most energetic information is processed at high-speed.

And we see it through our lens of love.

One cannot play childish games with a woman who is of this frequency.

One cannot continue to chose to harm or emotionally neglect her either, or to project unresolved and undeserving pain on her.

She will leave any space or person who is causing her heart harm out of sheer self-preservation.

She will not accept a treatment that is beneath her.

Her real love holds a space to witness and encourage the wound revealer to move into the wounded muck while not taking the debris. Heart warriors can hold a large, safe space for pain. But only when its owner is responsible for it.

She knows that real love holds a sacred space for healing.

It’s the kind of love that women warriors hope that everyone uncovers for themselves. The kind that explores the shadow and the pain-body—and takes full responsibility for it.

She deserves the type of person who will know how to treat a woman of her caliber, the warrior woman’s heart, with unwavering love and respect.

Her heart has to be number one:

To keep protected.

To keep warm.

To hold in the highest consideration, always.

She’s not going to stick around to continue to love, arms wide open, anyone if they continue to stab her heart with swords of blind carelessness.

Especially when she says she’s being made to feel unsafe and it seems to fall on deaf ears. She draws the line.

We can have gratitude for what some people bring to our lives (and I certainly do), but we can also have mad, fiery respect for the self who knows when to own “f*ck you,” too.

People who emotionally shift from hot to cold are not one with their heart’s repressed and unaddressed pain just yet and are usually the types who are not responsible for the pain that they bring.

But they can choose to be responsible at any time.

She knows this and hopes for this always but is no fool to when it proves otherwise.

When a heart is opened and cleared of trauma, or is owning itself, it stays warm, connected, and available—even through rough waters.

When hearts close off and coldness surfaces, this is a symptom of the unresolved pain within.

An open heart leads to experiences of love.

A closed or cold heart tends to lead to experiences of pain.

Warrior women’s hearts need to be led to love, with love. By a heart that knows the way.

Or, at the very least, by a heart that is awake and curious about finding its way.

We, the warrior-hearted women, need to discern what men we are allowing into our heart space and where they sit on this sliding scale of embodiment, and how (if at all) we can complement their process with minimal kickback of their pain body projections at us.

We also need to be mindful of slipping into territory that tries to degrade and undervalue our worth.

The unclaimed shadow can be covert and slick.

We need to be mindful of the dark that is weaved into the spaces where we share our hearts.

But the warrior woman will evolve.

Leading with her heart, knowing that those meant to evolve alongside her, will. And that those who aren’t, won’t.

Knowing that if what’s beside her is unsure, avoidant, or painful to her heart repeatedly, she will move on. Often, before the unsure and avoidant types even realize the truth of their actions.

But she realized what she needed to do and will go hold her heart, safe on her own.

And in her silence of leaving, she will pray that the others find their way, too, on their own.

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