August 31, 2021

Back to School: 6 Self-Care Practices to Help us Manage Stress & Anxiety.

The autumn, for me, represents a time of renewal and a new beginning, but it is also fraught with so many unknowns that can cause stress and anxiety.

Getting used to new variables causes many of us emotional stress and anxiety. With these six simple techniques and practices, we can take nurturing care of ourselves and help ourselves and each other cope and mitigate the emotional stress and anxiety.

1. Start and end your day with meditation.

2. Ask yourself these questions every day.

>> What is my purpose today?

>> What will I do today that will bring me joy?

>> What am I grateful for today?

>> What did I do for myself today?

3. Keep a journal.

4. Practice a calming hobby.

5. Practice grounding techniquesthese help refocus anxious energy and calm the nervous system—anything that gets you back in your senses.

6. Stay connected with your family and friends.

For a more detailed, elaborate explanation of these techniques, check out my video below.

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