August 21, 2021

3 Journaling Exercises to Spark our Sense of Direction in Life.

When life feels confusing and decision-making seems harder, it can often be the perfect reminder to pause.

We can drop in and connect back to the place within where our truth so often flows from—our soul.

Connecting back to soul truth is a powerful way to receive clarity, direction, and confidence to help us move forward.

One way we can do this, and also calm the chatter of a sometimes overthinking mind, is through journaling.

Journaling is an effective, simple, and—at times—even game-changing tool to help connect us back to soul certainty so we can align once again to the voice of our deepest self.

Here are three journaling exercises to spark a sense of direction, clarity, and confidence in any and every area of your life:

1. Direction: Aligning to our True Desires

An effective way to achieve more direction in life is to remind ourselves of what it is we really want. One way to do this is to ask ourselves the following question:

If I had no choice, and the rule was that I only had to follow what I really long for, I would…

This is an opportunity to go into as much detail as possible around what it is we really want. The deeper we go around this question the more we begin to connect with our true “why.”

We lose direction and motivation when we forget about the why behind what we’re doing. Returning our why to the forefront of our hearts and minds gives us clarity to trust in the direction we are being shown.

After acknowledging what it is we want and why we want it, our direction can be further guided by asking the following questions:

Is what I’m doing supportive of the direction I want to go?

Does it make sense to me on a soul level?

Is this really true for me?

2. Clarity: Knowing that we Know

Faith is always available and it’s also a choice.

Just like trust, like flow, like God, like soul—like life itself—faith is always something we can choose.

Coming back to the soul and having faith in what we’re being shown is a means for achieving more clarity. Beneath all the shoulds, beneath all the facts, and beneath all the good reasons to go one way and not another, our soul has absolute certainty in what it needs and where it’s going.

Using the following journal prompts can help shift us back to faith and discover a new sense of clarity.

Here are some points we might like to ponder or to journal on:

Is there anything in my life that keeps me from choosing faith?

What would it mean to choose differently? 

If I chose to come back to trust and remembrance today, what would that look like for me?

What area in my life do I now choose to have faith? How does that then look?

Remember, we always know the right answer, and we always know the move to make.

3. Confidence: Saying Yes to Soul

One of the biggest restrictions we can sometimes have around not knowing what our soul would really have us do is allowing ourselves to be swayed by an underlying fear or permission issue.

It can feel scary, reckless, irresponsible, selfish, or simply not right to follow that which lights us up the most. We convince ourselves that our way simply won’t work.

Following what is inside of us is saying yes to the soul and this requires confidence. Confidence to move fear to the side, to give ourselves permission, and to trust in the “knowing” and say yes to whatever that is.

The following prompts are designed to help turn the confidence dial up:

What does saying yes to soul look like for me? 

If I knew it was impossible to do life wrong, what would I be doing? Saying? Feeling? 

What would stepping into true confidence, regardless of how I feel right now, look like? 

Now it’s time to dive in and to allow the simple and beautiful power of turning inward, through a journaling session, or simply by chewing over some different thoughts and questions to guide us back to truth.

We truly do have all we need inside of us.

The answer is always on the other side of saying yes to the soul and ultimately to ourselves.


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