September 23, 2021

The Key to Banishing our Demons & Escaping Anxiety.


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There are times in our lives where we are faced with what our brains consider to be insurmountable odds.

Our thoughts and feelings clash so heavily with each other that it can send our heads into a crazy whirlwind of vicious emotions that feel like a heavyweight boxer pounding on the cerebral cortex over and over with unrelenting violence—knocking us to our knees looking for a knockout.

We feel so trapped in these thoughts that it becomes a hellish, impossible maze that we feel has no end. And the strange thing is that we can’t even remember how we entered the maze—just that there is a maze, and the walls are closing in on us with a pressure that can make it seem like we are suffocating so deeply from the inside.

It feels so hard to breathe. It can seem like an eternal darkness has enveloped our every thought and twisted us in the darkest of ways that can manifest in cruel words and feelings. 

Anxiety’s cruel and evil hands grasp at your every fibre, and as you push against it, you feel it pushing back even harder with such an incredible force.

Unfortunately, in modern society, these feelings are all too common, especially with social media and the expectations of the world that can feel like a horrific burden on your shoulders.

But the obvious question is,”How the hell do you get out of this slump?”

I’m not a therapist and never will pretend to be—but I feel the key is love, trust, and understanding in the people who surround us and communication.

F*ck, I wish I had known or believed in this sooner in my life.

The old saying is a problem shared is a problem halved.

There really is something in that old proverb. I believe, at times, it’s not only halved but obliterated—sharing our deepest emotions, especially with a person we love, can be liberating.

Please, never feel like you are burdening anyone. If a person truly cares, like really feels for you, they will listen and understand with no questions at all.

By opening up and sharing, it can really make us see things—not in the darkest tint of the personal hell we have mentally created—but instead, communication can present a glorious light in the darkest recesses of your mind. From there, the key is working as hard as you can to crawl, scratch, and scramble with all your absolute strength to reach that brighter place and to free your mind of the burdens you have placed upon it.

There is always a taboo in regards to medication—almost a stigmata attached to something which in all regards is a positive step. There is no shame whatsoever about taking a small pill every day to assist in a personal journey of recovery.

Screw the taboos and do what you need to do.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy or a quick fix, but you have time, people always have time, and it’s always great to remember time always moves forwards and never backward.

Look at a sandglass. See that running in reverse. 

Listen to the advice people give, embrace the love that’s given, and trust so hard with all you have in the people who are gently guiding you with their loving and devoted hearts.

Demons can always be banished.

Therapy, communication, love, trust are all wonderful things, and as long as you follow through and work hard yourself at keeping your head in a beautiful place, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

If you are reading this and feel in a slump, then I feel you. I see you and so will others.

Never let fear stop you from reaching out to a therapist, counsellor, friend, or loved one.

Whatever journey you are about to take, I salute you for the journey you are about to take.


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