September 18, 2021

How to Switch ourselves Out of “Survival Mode.”


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Everything You Want Is On the Other Side Of Your Rigid Beliefs.

Almost everyone has a dream, a vision of their ideal life that fills their hearts and souls with passion. 

Some put it in the category of “someday,” and some numb themselves so much to their own desires that they plod through life wishing for nothing more than to just get through the next day surviving. And that counts as a good day.

Then there are those who know exactly how to bring their dreams into reality, and they don’t ever choose to settle.

Which category are you in? 

You will know immediately by the internal reaction to each description.

Most people have heard the phrase “we create our own realities” yet don’t fully understand or observe exactly how they are doing this already through their beliefs. We all have belief systems that we have created through our life experiences starting from an early age. These belief systems are a collection of thought processes that make up our identity and the way we perceive the external world.

We believe we are a certain age, earn a certain amount of money, have certain qualities and characteristics, and that is who we identify with, so that is what shapes our experiences. It is what is familiar and what causes us to perceive reality in the exact same way.

Reality is an illusion based on what our inner world is projecting. It is not fixed; it can be created in any way we want by tapping into our true nature—Source energy. Once we get into the habit of meditation every day, we will begin to see that we aren’t just some limited being.

How to Change our Internal Belief Systems to Match our Desired Realities:

Changing our belief systems is a dedicated process of looking closely at our beliefs and then observing exactly why we are living the life we currently are.

Beliefs such as:

“I don’t have enough money.”

“I always attract emotionally unavailable partners.”

“I never get what I want in life.”

These may be things we don’t necessarily tell ourselves every day, but they are—at the very least—subconscious beliefs running on autopilot. They create a reality that matches what we believe.

It’s just a story on repeat. 

If we can be really honest with ourselves, we will observe the reflection that reality is showing us is an exact match to what we believe.

It might make no sense and initially feel difficult to change these beliefs—realities—but this is exactly how conscious creators can manifest nearly anything in their lives. 

Don’t follow the crowd. What makes it possible to create the life you truly desire is this: stop believing what everyone else believes and put yourself in charge—be the master of your own reality.

Take time: meditate for at least 15 minutes every day and examine your beliefs and what you would instead want them to be. 

Repetition creates change. Once our subconscious accepts these new beliefs internally as truth, everything will start mirroring a reflection of our new identity. Our actions will be different; we will no longer identify with who we thought we were.

Start with baby steps. We can test this by using our imagination to write a shortlist of what we would like to see or receive and visualize it in the present moment as if we already have it. 

Have no doubt—our thoughts create our reality. We can start creating the life of our dreams.

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