September 14, 2021

F*ck Misogyny—it’s Time for Women to Unleash their Inner Goddess.

I love men.

In fact, many of my closest friends are men.

I have some incredible men in my life and there have been men I have loved and lost. These men, both family and friends, respect me, believe in me, and love me for who I am—which is the reason they are still in my life.

Some men will always be misogynistic and see themselves as all encompassing Gods.

We don’t have to condone their behaviour—nor should we. F*ck misogyny; it’s time we women unleashed our Inner Goddess. It’s time we reclaimed our power and our unique essence.

Most of us have learnt about the history of the Greek Gods, but what about those mystical and empowering Goddesses? Oh yes, we women have our place amongst mythology. And those men in our lives who love and support us would encourage our quintessential spirit—the elixir of who we are.

We should not need encouragement. Breathe deeply; go within and tap into that lifeblood. Find what makes you the distinctive and powerful woman you are—the Goddess is in there. She’s always been there. Maybe she needs to be reminded that she does not need permission to be released. She does not need to sacrifice herself. If the men in her life are not secure enough to grow and adapt, it’s their loss.

Who is she?

Maybe she’s one of these? More likely, she is a mix and shares a little magic of each of these, or one of the many other Goddesses:

>> Athena—Goddess of Wisdom

>> Aphrodite—Goddess of love and beauty

>> Iris—Goddess of the sea and sky

>> Gaia—Goddess of Earth, the personifcation of Earth

>> Rhea—Goddess of nature

>> Selene—Goddess of the Moon

>> Hebe—Goddess of eternal youth

>> Hemera—Goddess of the day

>> Themis—Goddess of justice

>> Kali—Goddess of endings

>> Ixchel—Goddess of midwifery and medicine

For me, unleashing my inner goddess means being authentic. It means being honest with what I want and what I like. It means removing any inhibitions in intimate relationships. Being passionate. Vibrating with energy. It means being proud of who I am and valuing myself. It means drawing on myself as a woman—a whole woman. Capable, strong, courageous, and vulnerable.

A woman, a Goddess who will f*ck the misogynist to the kerb.

Unleashing that all-empowering Inner Goddess should be a goal for us all. We make the choices about our bodies. We make the choices of what we wear. We make the choices of who we are friends with. We make the choices of what is best for us. We ignore the double standard bullsh*t because we know that insecure, misogynistic men created those double standards. And when we are standing in all our Inner Goddess glory, we see that only those men who can never match or equal us would try to judge or control us.

Raise your daughters to understand the power of their Inner Goddess and raise your sons to respect the Goddess inside the women in his life. Misogyny is alive, but we do not need to give it any breath. It’s a rigid, sad, weak, and ignorant fool who lacks any strength of character, who does not see women as their equal, and who cannot see the Goddess within each of us.

So I call on all my fellow women. All you incredible, gifted, talented, intelligent, creative, courageous, and beautiful women out there: stand up; stand tall and proud and say, “F*ck misogyny; we are unleashing our Goddess within.”

Ladies, it’s time to recognise and introduce yourselves to that awakened Goddess in you. She’s been sleeping for far too long and the only permission she needs to be released is yours.

Set her free.


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Read 10 comments and reply

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