September 27, 2021

If we Need Alone Time, Does that Make us an Introvert or just Human?


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Today was one of those days of being in the flow.

Everything felt right. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and life felt smooth and sacred. I had been completely alone in my home for hours. I had some music on, a warm cup of tea, and a sweet, fluffy puppy sleeping at my feet while I was working.

Something felt oddly strange about this moment.

I realized that I have been alone maybe three times in the last 15 years. I am not joking.

As I settled down into my cozy aloneness, I decided to reach out and ask readers about how being alone helps them deal with everyday stress. I received hundreds of uplifting responses to the simple act of solitude. Not only did it inspire me, but it also made me feel connected to the act of appreciating that time we have with ourselves.

Savoring alone time feels like an act of sacred self-care.

People need space to process, heal, and nourish themselves. Solo time is not just for introverts. We all need it.

Maybe deep down inside I don’t feel as if I deserve it, but after reading this, I am quite certain that a ritual of being alone is how we access our higher selves.

Here are some of the inspiring answers I received from readers:

I’m a full-time stay-at-home mom. My alone time is after dad gets home. I go outside and put on my healing music for a half-hour or so and let the stresses of the day melt away as much as I can. Usually, I’ll light incense outside too. It helps me be more present for the rest of the day with my daughter. ~ Julia

I just let my thoughts flow and all that packed up energy flows out. When the heart is at peace, the mind feels comfortable and so does the body. Also, I tap into my inner world and fantasies which nourish me from the inside. It’s like watering yourself so that you grow ~ Richa

I have three hours to myself between when my workday ends and when my husband’s workday ends. I can do whatever I want with those three hours. I can exercise, I can be creative, I can take a nap, I can work in the garden—whatever I want. It is amazing. Then I am happy and re-energized to see him when he gets home. ~Suz

It’s the only time you can heal yourself. When you are alone and you think only about yourself, it’s the time when all the miracles happen. ~Jurgen

An elder told me a long time ago the best company you can keep is yourself! I’ve never forgotten that. I meditate, read, garden, and enjoy nature. ~Jackie

It gives me the luxury of calm and quiet. That, in turn, helps me relax and recharge. Being alone for some time gives us the space we need from all drama and incessant chatter. Alone time always brings you closer to yourself and the light within. ~ Kiran

That’s how best I deal with tight spots. I meditate, sing, pray, and cry out loud if I have to. I don’t wanna talk sometimes, so I prefer to be alone. I can communicate with my maker anywhere, any time. It does work for me. ~Thoriso

I love my alone time. I love not being watched, judged, questioned, or disappointing someone. I love the space to just knuckle down with whatever I have to do, not worry I haven’t done this or that for someone else. Time alone, I can sing how I want, fart when I want, and pivot on a dime to do anything else that wasn’t a plan or set in stone. ~Nic

It helps in so many ways. You gain more strength and internal power being alone than amongst others. I’ve learned this and I stand by it daily. ~ Jenny

I never skip my Shavasana after yoga. On hard days when I can’t keep my mind quiet, I do positive affirmations to calm myself. ~Kaylee

Everything quietens down and especially when you sit out or walk in nature. It is so soothing for the soul. ~Shazia

It’s very important for me to have alone time. And I love my alone time to the extent that, at times, I find other people mainly disruptive to my inner quietness and exhausting. I enjoy mingling with people, but maybe that’s for a limited period of time, and I mostly prefer to be left alone. ~Shabz

So, there you have it. Alone time is necessary for all of us. There is an introvert inside us all just waiting to be alone so we can recharge and reset.

One never knows what will happen when we are adventuring out there, so feeling grounded and charged is probably the smartest way to move through the world.

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