September 4, 2021

Love isn’t all we Need—Love is all there Is.


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“And I’ve realized that The Beatles got it wrong. Love isn’t all we need—love is all there is.” ~ Morgan Matson

In the end, all that really matters is love.

Love that is deeply connected to the Divine and all that is. Expressing this in our human form by living and connecting from the space of this love.

Love is that magical feeling that comes in a fleeting sensation or makes your heart feel like you might explode. It’s the connection between two souls vibing at the same frequency and raising it higher as they sync together.

It’s the feeling and knowing when you look into the eyes of a newborn, the vastness of nothing that takes you right back to your own core. Melting the barriers and fears you created and inherited over your life to-date.

It’s that calling from somewhere deep in you. The gut feeling that says yes or no.  The lightness of right, the joy of truth, and the at-home feeling of real connection. It’s the smile that comes from the heart and lights the eyes when we speak or see another.

It is in the whispers of the night that says, “It is okay, you are safe with me.” The feeling as if there are angel wings wrapped around you, holding you in the space of all and nothing. The feeling in-between dream states when you are here but not yet quite here.

The love that can see beyond another’s fears, hurts, pains, and projections, and still hold space for you to stand in your own truth with compassion and empathy for another.

It is the part of us that holds us accountable. Not the critique or the bully, but the mother voice that says, “I see why you did this or that, and we can start again. Hold my hand, and let us make amends.”  Then breathes the courage, wisdom, and inner strength into you to do the right thing even when it is scary or threatening.

It’s the care we have for ourselves that gives permission to practice self-care, to self-love, to ensure we have enough of what we need to care for others as well. The inner wisdom that guides us to say the right thing, in the right way to others, that lights them up and helps them feel heard.

The allowance of others to live their truth, while still able to set healthy boundaries and lovingly share with others when they are not living from Divine love—when they are hurting themselves, living from fear and harm instead.

Divine love is the force that lives in and through all of us. That connects us to each other, independent of colour, race, age, ability. It doesn’t discriminate, subjugate, or judge; but lifts and encourages each to be gentle and see each other’s heart.

It is in the Amen, the Namaste, the God, be with You, the Blessed Be, and all other phrases that honour the completeness and purity of all that is. The Alpha and Omega that holds space for all things to be present without judgment.

To come closer, back to this love is a personal quest, a journey for each of us. To forgive, heal, and let go of the layers of pain, hurt, and protection we’ve put around our spirit to keep it safe. To bring more of the love to the surface.

This is our current journey. To come back to ourselves.  To come back to love, peace, and the Divine.



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