September 10, 2021

Stop Asking for Permission to Follow your Dreams & Do This Instead.


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“Sometimes we try so hard that we fail to see that the light we are seeking is within us.” ~ As We Understood… 


Have you ever dreamed of a new career, falling in love, or buying a house?

Have you dreamt about having kids, giving up drinking, getting married, moving to another country, going back to school, or starting your own business?

Have you ever pursued a dream because you felt like you were being guided?

Maybe you saw a sign or felt like God, the Universe, or your Higher Power gave you the green light and told you to go after the job, the relationship, the house, or to start your own business.

After pursuing your dream, did you start to doubt yourself?

Did you question whether you made the right decision?

Maybe you stopped seeing “signs” and instead of your dream being crystal clear like it was before, now it feels too hard.

A few weeks ago, the road I’ve been traveling down started to become unclear.

Not unlike most people on the planet, this past year brought with it significant life changes for me. I let go of a job I had worked at for 11 years, I started graduate school, I launched a book, and I began a 12-step program. All of which have brought new and unexpected layers of healing. For each change has required that I face ghosts from my past.

Prior to my life taking a complete 180, I was in pursuit of a dream. And for many years, I’ve been able to see the exact trajectory of my path and where I thought it was leading me. Even despite the changes caused by the pandemic, I knew that my life was taking me to uncharted territory. The only difference is that for almost eight years, I’ve been able to see the pathway forward. Until I could no longer see it.

I started to wonder, why, after taking me this far, did God stop guiding me. I even asked God, “Why have you taken me this far only to hide the rest of my path?”

A few days later, I had a vision of being led into a big forest with tall trees full of leaves. Upon entering the forest, the pathway through the trees was clear as far as my eyes could see.

After walking further and further into the forest, the pathway started to disappear. It was like I stumbled upon the aftermath of a storm and suddenly the path was gone.

The same pathway, that only moments ago was clear, was now covered with leaves and debris.

Then, I saw it. In my vision, I saw a bright light shining from inside of my chest. It occurred to me that I don’t have to wait for the pathway to become clear again. I’ve been so used to waiting for permission before pursuing a dream. Whether it’s been the permission of my loved ones, from the Universe, or from the general approval of other people, I’ve often waited for some type of external validation to tell me that I’m on the right path.

For far too long, the permission I’ve been seeking has been something from outside of myself.

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In my vision, though, I realized that the light inside me was the only permission I needed and, in fact, it was the very thing that would help guide me back on my path.

If you, too, are beginning to question a dream you’ve set out to achieve or if you’re wondering why the road you’ve been traveling down isn’t quite as clear, it’s because you’ve come to the part of your journey where you have to use your own light.

This is the point in our journey where we stop looking for signs outside of ourselves, or getting permission from others, and we turn the light on from within.

I know it may seem scary, but this is also the point along our journey where our own light is what will take us to where we’re supposed to go next. We simply have to let it shine and allow it to show us the way.

Keep traveling and let your own light be your guide.


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