October 4, 2021

Why we Need to take Full Responsibility for the Power we Hold Within.


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Humans mine precious metals from the earth.

We extract her natural resources and sell them for profit. We have been taught that we need money to survive. We consume and produce an exorbitant amount of waste on a daily basis. We are consumed with the hustle and finding ways to “survive,” many of us barely making ends meet.

If we try to exit out of this system, many of us face heavy monthly debts that we cannot repay; we feel the vice grip of the life we are living, and it can feel hopeless. 

The fear we feel when exiting these systems and ways of being is extremely real.

It is meant to be. Our economic infrastructure is based on indentured servitude. We are debt slaves working for a paycheck that will never pay off our balances—paying for lives we can’t afford, but were manipulated into believing that we needed. We were told again and again that these worldly possessions and career accomplishments will bring us happiness. We believed it. And yet there was always something missing.

You are a human being, here, having a human experience.

Have you forgotten why you came?

Have you forgotten your purpose? It is not so simple to wake up to all of this. It is a harsh and painful reality to realize a lifetime was wasted chasing a dream that was never yours. 

No more.

What is your dream? What do you want?

What is meaningful to you?

I recently realized that the most significant work I am doing right is creating a podcast, Patreon, and doing personal readings. None of this (at this point anyway) comes with significant monetary compensation, but that is okay. The very act of creating and sharing is payment in and of itself. But that is not all—I am now watching as opportunities are manifesting and showing themselves as the result of my expression of who I am.

The earth is seeing me and I am seeing her.

We have a relationship now—one that is equal and ever expanding. I am getting “paid” in ways more significant than “money”—ways that do pay the bills through avenues of abundance I could otherwise never have comprehended.

In fact, I am currently staying in a hotel room paid for through a random act of events following the post of a TikTok video. The ways in which we can manifest are endless. I hope you all find that thing, whatever it is for you. And to know in your heart if you don’t know what it is yet, it’s only because you are still discovering.

Once you start living life in alignment and integrity in this way, you will open channels of abundance within yourself—all that life has to offer, and you will feel it. You will begin to see what magic actually is. 

You are a powerful being. There is no one who can accomplish what you came here to manifest. Only you. And this is why you are here. To be you. No other reason. Simply put, you are a unique expression of source, and you incarnated to express yourself as the unique being you are—to bring forth all that would have never existed without you.

You are vital to this puzzle.

Your unique tone is desired by the universe and requested in its melody. 

So please, see life through your own senses, create with your imagination, and know your life can look however you want it to. You are free to be fully you. You have always been free, and it is up to you to give yourself the permission to really feel, heal, and be the fullness of all that you are.

Everyone is rooting for you, and you got this.

Once we begin to remember the depth of who we are, we see the earth in a new way. We see all of our needs were always graciously provided for, and yet, over time, we slowly cut ourselves off from this truth and the resources that are abundant and here always.

Now that we have polarized ourselves from all that we have known, the pendulum is swinging back. With force!

It is time we all take full responsibility for the power that we hold and know our lived experience is a direct reflection of our internal world.





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