May 31, 2021

My Wish For you is to Go Where you are Called.

It’s time to live where we feel at home.

We are part of an ecosystem. We impact our environment and our environment impacts us.

I want you to imagine that all of Earth is a conscious living organism. Pulsing, vibrating, and providing for us all of the love, nutrients, and energy that we need to survive. I want you to imagine that Earth is literally a mother, caring for you and tending to your needs. She is vast and expansive and there is so much room to take comfort in.

Now, I want you to imagine that she creates spaces and places that are an energetic match to you, and that those who will elevate and inspire you in life are also a match to this frequency.

I want you to imagine that there is an invisible force that pulls you to the places where Mother Earth can best provide for you in ways you had not even considered, leading you to abundance that comes in all forms.

We are all being taken care of in more ways than we know.

I would like to normalise reconnecting with the earth in a way where we understand that we can stand active in our full power and highest potential when we listen to the place we are in, and respect that not all places are meant for us, nor do we serve all of the places we are in. Just like lovers, once compatible, they change and grow, separating over time to stay true to themselves; so too is our relationship with Earth. It’s fluid, ever-changing, and meant to aid in the expansion of the whole to support the ecosystem we are a part of—not take away from it. A continual ebb and flow, a coming and going of what is in harmony with the here and now.

If we allow it, we can be like bees. A vital pillar in the ecosystem we serve. Pollinating the area we are in with ideas and structures, systems and services—offering to our home the thing that brings us passion and purpose. Earth, watching and holding space, can then benefit from all of the ways our gift gives back to the planet.

John Muir understood this when he said:

“The mountains are calling, and I must go.”

The mountains called him because they knew he was a match to what they needed and what he could provide.

The mountains and forests called him because they knew of his influence and of his strong voice in written word. They knew he understood at a deep level what it means to be connected and in tune, that he had the capacity to spread this message on a grand scale.

The Earth knew and understood in ways our individualistic human minds have so much trouble comprehending.

Yosemite now exists because of John Muir, one of his many gifts. He saw and knew what to do intuitively, his heart knew how to advocate for the area he loved so much. Because of his understanding and his connection with all that is, and his relationship to the land that nourished and sustained him, he was inspired to take action and protect what he knew to be sacred. This land will now forever be protected, and his writings forever remembered.

This is a beautiful example of a human stepping into their full power with passion and purpose to pursue and ultimately accomplish a dream that serves the whole. A giving back in a way that never stops giving. A gift that lifts the spirit and feeds the soul of all those who now visit these sacred spaces and places that are in alignment with their own calling, their own passion and purpose. It only takes a single spark to ignite a flame that burns in the hearts of many for lifetimes to come.

My wish is that all of the John Muirs in the world go where they are called.

My wish is that all who are similar in heart and in mind listen to the call of the mountain, the forest, the lakes, rivers, and desert because that call is asking to be answered. Now.

My wish is that those who have the means to do so, leave the places that no longer feel like home and move toward the places that do. My wish is that we let go of the fear of change, the weights of things owned, patterns instilled, and routines deeply imbedded.

Let them go.

My wish is for us to learn as a species to collectively let go of the belief that anything should be one way and that we are somehow separate from the land that provides for us. We took away from her the ability to sustain us by creating structures and monetary systems that disconnect us from the whole, stripping her of the ability to give us all we have ever really needed.

My wish is that the brave hearts of the new world keep speaking loud and proud to crumble the systems that no longer serve us, and build ones that serve the planet—not just the human race.

This life force energy that pumps through plants, allowing them to grow and the trees to stand tall, is the same life force energy that pumps through our veins and brings us vitality. We are not so different, although our small minds would have us thinking we are separate and detached from all that surrounds us.

When we allow ourselves to be in the place where life force energy naturally connects and runs through us, magic happens. The very force that creates worlds is activated and our deepest desires can be fulfilled in the most gratifying and delicious way possible.

This goes both ways. There are environments that do not serve us, places and spaces that we are not meant to be in. Places that will tell us so by making life difficult and unbearable. Again and again.

Listen to that voice that tells you where home is (and is not).

Listen to the voice that calls you to one place over another and tells you when a place in particular causes pain.

Listen to the voice that knows.

That voice is the same voice that guides bees to flowers and birds to fly south for the winter. That voice is the life force that allows the sun to rise and set each day. That voice is the power that keeps your heart pumping and your body alive.

We are not so separate. And until we listen to the voice that tells us where our home really is on this planet, we will live our whole lives missing the magic.

The earth is calling us—and I hope we all go where we are called.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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