October 7, 2021

Let’s Hear it for the Brave Boys in our Lives.


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I was five when I met my first crush.

He was tall, slender, and blonde.

Our yards backed up against each other. There was only a tiny alley in between our yards. It was so small only one person could walk down the alley at a time. If I wanted to, I could reach my hand out and touch his fence.

The details of our first encounter are fuzzy, but I remember leaning against my fence as he leaned against his. We talked for hours.

On Sundays, we were allowed to play on the church lawn after mass. Sunday was my favorite day.

I don’t know why I even liked him but I knew that I liked him more than a friend. He had that special something that just clicked for me.

There was no reason for it. There wasn’t anything specific about him. It was just there.

We held hands once as we ran around the church lawn. I was head over heels for that boy.

From then on, I was boy crazy. But I wasn’t just boy crazy about the boys I was interested in. It was boys in general. Although there were a few boys who had something special about them that made my heart go “boom,” I generally became aware that boys existed in my life.

And I liked having boys in my life just as much as girls. So I kept friendships with both boys and girls along the way.

Those boys became men. And I’m still crazy about them. There are still many who make my heart go “boom,” but I have a ton of men in my life who are exceptional.

So what about the amazing men in my life? And I’m not just talking about my lover—but all the other amazing men in my life? I don’t talk about how amazing they are. I haven’t made a shout-out to the world about how strong, confident, and brave each of them is.

When I think of the men in my life, I feel lucky to be a part of their world. They all carry a special place in my heart. And each of them has made me who I am today.

You are dependable. You are there for me whenever I need you. Whether my sink is leaking or I need help shoveling the driveway, you always want to make sure that I’m okay. I don’t even need to ask, you offer your help every chance you have.

You make me feel as if I will always have someone by my side.

You are an amazing father. I see the joy in your eyes when you talk about your children. I see you at all their games including dance recitals. You wear their team colors to support each one of them. You don’t even worry that you are not cool anymore. But in my eyes, you’re the coolest one of them all.

You show me what a good father is about.

You love your wife. Your unwavering devotion shows your loyalty to her. I am proud of your selfless love, kindness, and faithfulness to her. I feel your love for her when I’m around the two of you.

The love you give her brings me hope that true love exists.

You have the best sense of humor. Your smile shows your beautiful heart to everyone you meet. You can make the world laugh with one sentence.

Your silliness brings me joy.

You are smart. Your intelligence is impressive. You’re open-minded to different opinions. You understand how much you don’t know and you still ask questions. And you’re sensitive to other people’s experiences.

You make me want to keep learning.

You are passionate. You have a drive that is endless. You’re optimistic about life and what you want from it. You’re willing to take risks at all costs.

Your passion is contiguous. You open my eyes to go after everything I ever want.

You are confident. You have happiness within you. You are open with the world around you and share your ideas freely. You don’t sweat the things that are out of your control. You never seek the approval of others. And you celebrate the success of others.

You inspire me to stand tall and believe in myself.

You are generous. You give to everyone you know. You give to strangers in need. You offer your time, assistance, and money to everyone in your life.

You make me want to be a better person.

Each and every one of you has brought wonder and joy into my life. And I wouldn’t be who I am today without you.

Let’s hear it for the boys. Those amazing men who came into my life and made a difference.

You are sensational.


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