October 8, 2021

The Beauty of Meditation.


It’s easy to become lost in this great big world with our own racing minds alone.

To make it even more complicated, we also empathize with the minds of others.

As we know it, we are all energy beings wandering around in a gigantic ball of energy; we do pick up on the energies of the people around us and this can affect how everyone will feel.

I’m sure you have been in a situation where you have walked into a room with a few people and as soon as you walk in, you can sense the energy of the people in this room; it may be a room with exciting energy or a room filled with negative, slow motion, and dull energy. Of course, if we choose to stay in this room, this can have an effect on us. This becomes extremely sensitive if we are a high level empathetic human, so therefore we need to take extra precaution where we step foot.

I understand this, as I am an extremist with picking up on people’s energies around me. I will think twice, maybe three times, about going places or visiting people as I can become very much affected by other people. It does kind of suck, but I’m still dealing with blocking energies out.

I get that as humans we are not all on the same level as one another, so at times if we find ourselves on high-level frequencies, loving life, and feel super excited about the smallest thing, and then we bump into our friend that we haven’t seen in a while and their energy is completely opposite and we get stuck with listening to their story of their negative life, this will absolutely drain the greater energy out of us.

Now this doesn’t only happen with people, but the environment can affect us as well; in fact, anything with energy can have an effect on us—even money!

What do I do in any situation or, in fact, what do I make a daily practise in my life? Meditation! I cannot even begin to tell you how meditation has changed my life.

The question then becomes, “Why would you not want to meditate?!”

Ever since I started meditating, I see everything so much clearer, whereas before I was seeing everything through a pair of foggy lenses. To have clarity in our own mind is like feeling as light as a feather floating in midair!

Meditation had a sudden effect on me, and I cannot begin to tell you all the spontaneous changes that I would experience.

I started to do a 21-day challenge meditation and I am grateful for the guru himself Deepak Chopra for this because this small challenge has made a huge impact toward my life.

Let me say that I started to appreciate everything I had in my life, and in all honesty, my gratitude with everything was on its highest level; my energy started to be in high frequencies and everything in my life just felt magical. I even noticed myself wanting to do good things for other people. I even started to give things away! And, of course, the law of the universe is when you allow yourself to give, you shall receive.

I understood that if I didn’t want to be in a place that would have an effect on me, then I didn’t have to be there and not feel bad for it, as we are all unique individuals who have choices. I also learnt that we only attract the same energy that we are putting out. Meditation takes you to a place like no other.

The beauty of meditation is that anyone can do it, it can be done anytime, and it’s free. Why would you neglect this? Meditation helps you to reconnect with your true essence and the energy between you and the universe. It’s simple really!

If you are going to meditate at home, try and find yourself a sacred place or corner; make it your special place. This is your space; you will learn more each time you meditate about how sacred this place will be. There is no right or wrong way, and there are so many different techniques for meditation, but allow yourself to listen to yourself, sit how you feel comfortable, close your eyes, and be aware of your breath. Of course thoughts will come. That’s fine.

Be aware of your thoughts and brush them off one by one. Eventually, you will learn to be still and you will find that silence between the gaps of your thoughts, and this is the place to be, the place of no thing but your inner self listening. This is the place of magic.

Each time you meditate, you will learn more for yourself, and no doubt about it, you will want to be in this place all the time, but the beauty of meditation is that when you are living it out in the big world, you will have so much more clarity with your life, ideas will come to you all the time, and you will learn to have no fear with anything.

You will gain so much compassion and love toward yourself and the people around you, and your life will feel exciting. It’s crazy, as meditation led me to my writing, and I cannot explain the feeling I get when I do write!

Meditation will help guide you in your life, especially if you are feeling confused and stuck. Do me a favour and just try it! Make it a part of your daily habits just like brushing your teeth—mind you!

Why wouldn’t you want to take care of your mind?


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