October 14, 2021

We Do not need to Suffer to Wake Up.

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I haven’t been feeling like myself lately and maybe you have been feeling out of sorts as well.

It is no surprise with all the troubles happening around us and in far away places.

Some of us are deeply connected with the planet and its inhabitants, so much so that we are feeling everything the collective is feeling, which undoubtedly will only lead to feeling overwhelmed.

The human experience comes with many emotions and feelings that can be difficult to handle at times. Nonetheless, we can feel a deep emotional connection with one another—a reminder that we are human with human hearts and experiences, having the ability to feel deep empathy and suffer alongside each other, maybe existing in different lands and realities, far but not so far. Like, a look into a woman’s eyes at the grocery store, evoking feelings of recognition and acknowledgment, guided by a smile hidden behind a mask—a full knowing how we both feel in that moment.

Or, a deep silent knowing when my friend breaks out in tears over the phone as I was talking to her because of a video she watched of women throwing their babies over a barbwire fence.

We feel you; we feel all of you—the helplessness is deafening and drowns us in deep relentless sorrow.

I was asked why we need to suffer as humanity to wake up to deeper understanding and empathy, thinking of Jesus’ death at the cross, a typical symbol for sacrificing oneself for a higher purpose, a sign of martyrdom.

My skin was tingling as I replied to her from the depths of my heart, “We do not suffer for the purpose of waking up, we do not need to suffer for people to wake up; what we are observing in our reality is simply a karmic repercussion, a result of taking action or nonaction that led to the unfoldment of a tragedy. It was a result of missed perceptions…The side effect we are experiencing is that the tragedy breaks open our hearts; the heart is the ascension gate. When it breaks open, we rise up to higher awareness.”

When we are at lower levels of consciousness, we lack awareness and perception; we often take wrong action or miss important action steps that could lead to better results.

Our awakening did not need to happen through suffering, but sometimes, for some of us, it was the only way for us to be shaken awake and begin to notice that we were asleep, living in a dream, whilst walking on Earth.

A couple of years ago, before my own spiritual awakening, I was receiving images of two earths, I asked what that means, and I was told that there are two earths overlapping in the same place, two realities, two levels of awareness, the third dimension and the fifth dimension, coexisting in the same place.

What it meant was that there would be a division, that some are climbing higher and some are staying where they feel safe. Noah’s Arc came to mind and the prediction of God saving us but having to leave some others behind. It is a division, a separation of consciousness amongst humanity, and it is our job to find a way to rise above the chaos and to integrate the different levels of reality, in unity.

Two years ago, I tuned in with Mother Earth and received images of her stretching herself, a sign of big shifts and natural disasters to come. As her energy had shifted, so were we experiencing shifts in our own consciousness.

Humanity has been experiencing huge changes over the past year and a half. Anything unresolved and unaddressed has been surfacing to be embraced and finally dealt with. I feel that at large, we have been successful, though not without a lot of bumps and scratches along the way.

It is interesting to me that I had gone through a massive shift myself just right before the worldly shifts; my whole life changed and I began to remember who I was.

I know that many of you have as well. Years ago, I was told that the whole planet will be waking up and become aware of itself, and that I was just one of the many spiritual pioneers that came before the great shift.

Our planet and its inhabitants are going through these shifts periodically; we also sometimes call them golden ages and dark ages. One leads to another and stretch often over many millenniums. I am being told that things have changed, and these shifts are accelerating, as we are evolving much more rapidly.

The changes we had been experiencing on a spiritual level are now being observed in the physical. In the spiritual realms, everything goes faster; manifestation happens in an instant. But on the physical, much denser plane, the results are often seen in slow motion, lagging behind the fast-paced changes on higher levels.

We have to understand that we are being called to level up a couple of notches, to rise above, and to gain greater perspectives for a smoother transition in our earthly reality.

There is more to come and the sooner we are able to align with our higher selves, the easier the transitions will happen.


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