October 6, 2021

A Beautiful Reminder on Why we need to Embrace our Aging Bodies.

As a society, women are taught from a young age that getting old is a bad thing.

That hitting 30 is equivalent to death.

We are sold creams to keep us young when we don’t yet have wrinkles, ladies.

There are isles of chemicals to dye our hair for fear to let those greys show.

Don’t be proud of your body unless you’re a size zero.

I call bullsh*t on all of it! Women can choose to own their age—love it, embrace it.

My body is far from size zero, but my body has carried two beautiful children. It has lived through six surgeries. It lives with years of trauma and has been diagnosed with four autoimmune diseases, a heart condition, and osteoarthritis.

My body is amazing. It has carried me for 40 years, and it should be loved for all it has been through.

I should not feel ashamed because my body has a roll here or there.

I am for wrinkles and grey hair—bring them on. The wrinkles on my face mean that I have laughed and smiled. They are proof that I’ve had experiences and lessons to share.

I cannot wait to rock my long, grey hair and let it sparkle in the sun.

I am 40 and I finally feel like I am alive. I’m actually living my life. It took me this long to truly know what I want in life. To know who I am: what makes me tick, what brings me joy, what I feel passionate about.

There is so much life left to live. There is so much more to experience—to do and to see.

Embrace 30, 40, 50, and beyond.

Be proud of who you are and all the knowledge you have gained. You have so much to offer this world.

Whatever happened to honoring our elders?

“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

There was a time when elders were the centers of the family. They were honored for their wisdom and were sought out for passing down their knowledge.

Have you ever sat with an elder and listened to their stories or traced the lines on their hands with your fingers?

There may not be anything as beautiful.

So women, take out your journals and write a love letter to yourself.

Thank your bodies for everything they have done for you. Write about your goals and dreams for the future.

Look in the mirror, write about the wrinkles and scars, and tell your stories and experiences about them. They are worth sharing.

It is time to look at aging in a whole new way.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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