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November 30, 2021

Ancient Greece, The Energy Body and Fascia: Shamanic Fascial Breathwork, Three Tips for Strenght and Joy.

Photo by Marta Wave on Pexels.

You know that feeling right after a great yoga class? That feeling of bliss. Not a doubt in your mind. You are electric. We are entering into the iconic New Age of Aquarius, so why not enjoy our own electricity?

Some might call this inner silent electricity our subconscious self.

It’s a shift in awareness from our conscious mind to our energy body.

The energetic body gives us balance in yoga poses, emotional stability and brings vitality to our fascial tissue surrounding our joints, muscles and organs.

Our energetic body does more then heal our physical body. A strong energy body heightens our sense perception and intuition, and remarkably helps us manifest.

How do we connect to our energetic body? Our fascia.

Spending a small fortune, I crossed continents looking for the answer to this fundamental question. How do we connect to the earth? What I found actually has to do with our own bodies.

From Latin America to West Africa, to Indonesia and Thailand, to ancient Italy and Greece, I researched how ancient people connected the mysteries of the earth.

The most interesting artifacts I found were reproductions of the energetic body.

After so much movement away from esoteric knowledge, and the divine feminine, the archeological community didn’t realize the meaning of these ancient representations.

What I found in ancient Greece was so exciting, I ran from museum to museum like a giddy school girl!

Just outside the Parthenon, in a green valley populated with marble statues and short wide olive trees were my first clues.

Female guardians stood above. They were neither human, nor animal.

The smiling, somewhat unnerving animal guardians protecting most of the important sites in ancient Greece were Sphinx. In Greece Sphinx were female.

Sphinx comes from the word sphingein meaning “to squeeze, bind”.

The energy body binds us to our material form. Sphinx guarding the three thousand year old Athenian corpses were called Xayananahual in ancient Mexico.

Ancient Mexico holds teachings of how to create a sphinx with our energetic body.

The energy body in Toltec nahuatl is called Xayananahual.

Xayaca means mask in Nahuatl. Nahual means energy body.

A Xayananahual is created by harnessing the serpentine energy of the body which, according to the ancient Toltecs, comes from the earth.

Nasa calls the serpentine energy from the earth the Schumann Resonance, “a vertical current flow between the ground and the ionosphere.”

When forming the Xayananahual from my energetic body I invariably think of a dragon not a sphinx.

The Xayananahual is a combination of seven animals.

The lion for power, the snake for healing, the eagle for focus, the jaguar for healing the unconscious, the deer for courage, the penguin for balance and the hummingbird to heal my relationships and emotions.

Dragons and snakes appear in mythology all over the world. The Latin word “draco” is used for both dragons and snakes. If you put the head of a woman on a dragon, you have a sphinx.

Goddesses are often seen using the power of this “snake” energy. Ishtar in Mesopotamia, Wadjet in Egypt, and Athena displayed the serpent head of Medusa on her shield as the snakes healed her wounds during battle.

Fascia connects the entire structure of our body, our bones and organs, our joints and muscles, down to the covering of our very cells. We work with fascia everytime we take a yoga class.

I tighten and release my fascia to create my Xayananahual.

The most popular practices I teach have to do with the fascial body. Below are two of them.

Three Tips for Fascia Breathwork:

  1. We work with the fascia in my shamanic coaching. Sit on the ground (easiest on real earth) with legs criss-cross applesauce aka Lotus. Tighten the Psoas, Piriformis muscles in front of and around your hips and breathe into the perineum.

Say to yourself internally, “I come into the divine masculine as a stabilizing energy within my pelvic floor. I embrace my divine feminine by releasing my pelvic floor and connecting the energy flowing in my womb to the earth.” Repeat for seven breaths.

  1. Stand upright and place your forehead below your knees. Breathe into the back of your entire body until you feel the skin and muscles move. Use the breath to expand the fascia in your legs, releasing energy into your Root Chakra. Tighten, then release the fascia from your hips down. Imagine an anchor descending from your Root Chakra down your legs, into the floor and finally into the center of the earth.
  2. At the end, remember your inner silence. What does this self, in balance, stability and joy, feel like? Write it down in your journal. Remember you still have joy!

Working with our energy body is one intuitive aspect of my coaching. To check out my teaching videos or schedule a coaching session, see

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