November 19, 2021

How to Alter Reality from our Dreams: You are the Storyteller.


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My feet were cold and I could feel the smooth wet concrete floor beneath me.

The air smelled musty with a good portion of mildew mixed in.

I was standing in a dimly lit room of a building that had small windows and high ceilings. At the end of the space, there was an open door that looked outside onto sandy ground, which stretched to the dunes in the distance.

Close to the door, I could see a decrepit wire fence, with tufts of grass sprinkled along its bottom that disappeared into the rolling sand on the horizon.

As I looked out the door, I started to see water rushing across the sand and through the fence in front of the door.

Then suddenly, I heard a loud thundering roar. The building shook and the wall to my right crashed open pushing two vehicles and a gush of water through the wall into the room.

I was observing all of this. I was not afraid. I didn’t know who I was or why I was there.

I blinked and all was dark. I could see red glowing numbers in front of me. 04:12.

“What was that?”

Then, with slow awaking sensations, I closed my eyes again.

I could feel the weight of my body pressing on the mattress. It was motionless and sleepy. My mind drifted in between the veil of the world I witnessed with the flooding waters and the dark calm of my bedroom.

My conscious mind started to take hold and I remembered (yes, I “re-membered”) who I was.

I slowly became a member of the waking, conscious world again. Like turning on a computer, my mind started to initialize and gather all the necessary information it needed to function properly. With a quickening pace, each aspect of my life started to fill in.

I am a mid-50-year-old man. I am married. I have children and grandchildren. I am a writer and software developer.

As each aspect unfolded, more of who I thought I was was reintegrated into my conscious mind. I reflected back upon my memories of yesterday. I recalled the issues I had at work that were unresolved. I remembered the tense conversation I had with my wife before going to bed. I recalled that I had finally fallen asleep several hours after crawling into bed.

With each memory reviewed, my body began to tense and my mind started to race toward feeling all of the same anxiety I had from the prior day. What was once a relaxed and content mind and body, now had fully initialized back into the same state I was before I slept.

Have you ever wondered how life continues to flow from day to day without losing momentum?

Have you considered what stitches your newly awakened world to the memories of yesterday?

What is it that enables you to wake up and be a mom or a son or a construction worker or an astronaut?

What magic continues the story from day to day and on into the years of your life?

The force, that is the answer to these questions, is you.

You are the creative force that makes life flow. You, along with billions of other creators on this planet, awaken each day to collectively bind together mankind’s narrative that allows it to function in what seems to be an uninterrupted story.

What if in those initial moments of transition between your unconscious and waking world, you decided to alter your programming?

What if you chose to keep what fulfills you and discard the baggage that does not serve your highest and greatest good?

You are the storyteller. You get to choose what is written in the next chapter.

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Read 5 comments and reply

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