November 26, 2021

This is what Unconditional Self-Love looks Like.


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Do you give yourself permission to love yourself the way you love your children or partner or anyone else you have compassion, patience, respect, care, and understanding for?

This is a question that a lot of my clients have trouble answering, as the concept of self-love is misunderstood, ignored, or undervalued.

Selflessness is seen as the gold value and a virtue, especially for women. Loving oneself is often perceived as selfish by years of conditioning.

However, it does not take long for my clients to understand and feel that once they reclaim a bit of compassion, respect, and care for themselves, the world around them changes too, and for the better.

Being a role model for the world around you and showing love, respect, and care for yourself will give permission to other people to do the same (especially your children, partner, and close friends). And the energy of peace, grounding, and love you cultivate will shine through.

So let’s explore what self-love can look like in this poem. You might have more to put on the list!

Self-love is the permission you give to yourself to truly accept every part of you.

Self-love is observing that inner critic with curiosity and compassion.

Self-love is accepting the parts that your inner critic judges as “not good enough” with kindness and compassion.

Self-love is releasing that judgment of self.

Self-love is holding your wounded inner child when she or he comes up.

Self-love is being kind to yourself when things don’t go like planned.

Self-love is learning how to be less triggered by the outside world.

Self-love is not giving your inner powers away to others.

Self-love is understanding the nature of human kind, that people act and love at their level of consciousness. And you do too.

Self-love is releasing the judgment you hold on others.

Self-love is the willingness to forgive yourself and others.

Self-love is not forcing the process.

Self-love is speaking your truth with love, courage, and compassion.

Self-love is being kind to yourself when you can’t.

Self-love is listening to yourself, your emotions, your needs.

Self-love is asking for help if you need some.

Self-love is nourishing your body with wholesome food from the Earth.

Self-love is moving your body in mindful joyful ways.

Self-love is resting when your body is tired.

Self-love is being kind to yourself when none of this is true right now.

Self-love is seeing your darkness and your light.

Self-love is accepting both.

Self-love is feeling grateful for what you have and respecting your desires for growth.

Self-love is doing the things that energise you.

Self-love is knowing when to say no to things that do not.

Self-love is giving yourself permission to receive and give love.

Self-love is sharing your gifts and voice with the world as you know that who you are and what you have to share matter.

Self-love is being patient with yourself in the process of self-healing, knowing that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Self-love is knowing that this, too, shall pass.

Self-love shines. Self-love transforms the world around you in a ripple effect that can’t be denied.

Self-love wraps your children, partner, family, and friends with a warmth that will transform them too.

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