December 30, 2021

22 Ways to Support our Health, Happiness & Well-Being in 2022.


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I’ve always liked New Year’s because it’s close to my birthday, which feels like a double dose of renewal, reflection, and fresh-start energy.

The current year has been amazing and challenging, wonderful and miserable, sad and happy, and everything in-between.

I think back to where I was last year at this time (emotionally and personally), and I gotta admit, I’m pretty proud of who I have become. Because it’s been one tough journey, baby.

As the year closes out, I reflect on the many positive changes and habits I have created this year.

Below, I share 22 ways we can support our health, happiness, and well-being in the coming year.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Twenty-two ways we can support our health, happiness, and well-being in 2022:

1. Drink 8-12 ounces of water upon waking.

2. Stretch for at least 15 minutes in the evening before bed.

3. Become more conscious of your breathing. Breathe through your nose and take slower inhales and exhales, even while exercising.

4. Read 10 pages of a book per day.

5. Do facial massages; it helps our circulation, collagen production, keeps muscles taut and lifted, and relaxes us.

6. Don’t respond to emails, social media, or phone calls until you are ready to; remove the pressure to always be available and “on.”

7. Become more aware of your vagus nerve and read up on exercises you can do to strengthen it (or improve your vagal tone).

8. Always allow yourself anger, but give yourself a few breaths to calm your stress response before saying or doing something you may regret.

9. Clear your energy field at least three times a day by sitting, connecting, scanning for what doesn’t feel good, and saying, “Whatever is not mine, I return to Source. Whatever is mine, I call back to me.” Believe me, you’ll feel better.

10. Trust your gut. It’s never wrong, but we usually argue with it.

11. Make friends with your ego. It’s a misunderstood part of ourselves and many folks suffer more than they have to.

12. Eat for your gut health and longevity, not your eyes or sweet tooth.

13. Remember that health is cumulative.

14. Habits are everything and what shape our lives; choose habits wisely and reexamine those that are not helpful or healthy.

15. Allow yourself rest and “silly” things like trashy magazines, reality TV, or video games. The brain needs time to process and relax and it’s okay to enjoy yourself.

16. Work on goals in little chunks each day. Small actions build empires.

17. Ask for help when you need it and don’t explain yourself.

18. Take 10 minutes each day to simply daydream. The power of our thinking is undeniable when going after a goal or dream.

19. Chew your food and enjoy/savor it. Most of us rush eating because we feel rushed in every other part of our lives. Your digestion will thank you!

20. Clean up your self-talk immediately. We spend every moment of our lives with ourselves. You are either your own best friend or worst enemy.

21. Give one genuine compliment to someone every day. Everyone likes to be appreciated.

22. Tell yourself every day that you love yourself and watch what transforms in your life.

Wishing all my readers a beautiful, expansive, and healing 2022!


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