December 19, 2021

If You Feel Like Giving Up, Remember This.


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We are all on a journey that is unique to our personality, calling, and existence.

In a world where individualism is idolized, it is rather difficult to believe that any of us could share any kind of common ground other than the fact that we are human.

For some of us, our journeys have required immense suffering in order to learn how to love ourselves. There are those who have acquired abundance in order to learn the value of using that prosperity to serve those around us. In other cases, there are individuals who have had to face intense trials and tribulations in order to teach others the values of compassion and mercy. Some of us are not even given a path because we have been tasked to create our own path for others to follow one day.

Whatever the case may be, lessons are learned, growth is made, and virtues are acquired along the way. While our paths and acquisitions are unique, we share one thing in common: our paths are miraculous.

This Thanksgiving was by far the best Thanksgiving I have ever had. In fact, it was a miraculous Thanksgiving. My original plan was to stay at home with my 10-year-old carbon copy, eat, and take a day trip to San Antonio to see The Alamo—a laid-back day to say the least (not too ambitious, but not uneventful). Instead, the powers that be decided to send Rosie Posie on a trip out to Arizona to see her brother and his family, along with extended family and old friends.

Needless to say, I was completely unprepared for the trip. I remember praying and telling God, I need my family this Thanksgiving. That night, the funds I needed came through, and by 5 p.m. the next morning, my little pod was on the road headed for the good ole I-10.

There was this peace that came over me as I was driving. Not because I was enamored with the scenery; it was dark by the time we were on the road. The peace came after seeing so many signs from above, literally from above, that this trip was meant to be.

The biggest lesson I learned on this trip was how God handles providing provisions along the way. When you drive through the western part of Texas, you can easily go 100 miles without seeing any towns or gas stations. This can be frightening when you notice your tank is two centimeters shy of hitting the E and you know your car can go 35 more miles after it hits the E, but what you don’t know is if a gas station will appear in the 35 miles grace period you have.

As my head begins to go into panic mode, I shifted my focus to my heart. There was an acceptance that until I get to the gas station, there is nothing God can do, much less I can do, until I get to the next fueling stop. And I could feel the holy spirit saying, “I want nothing more than to provide you the gas, but I can’t until you get to your destination.” All of a sudden, this made sense.

So many of us are on paths that are much like the long stretches in western Texas, and there is literally nothing for miles on end—except the beautiful scenery. We know what we need, we know God knows what we need, yet…there is nothing.

We frustrate ourselves crying out to the spirit in the sky, eventually feeling as if we have been abandoned. The truth is that we were never abandoned, and we are not forgotten. The all-out truth is that we are just not there yet. When we are on the path, when all we have is our faith, it can be quite painful.

But remember, out of great pain and suffering, great beauty, love, joy, peace, and even purpose, are born.

I cannot tell you for sure exactly why it was so urgent for me to go to my brother’s for Thanksgiving. All I knew, deep in my soul, was that it had to happen, and God made sure no provision was kept from me. What I do know is that the holy spirit ministered to my heart the entire way. Receiving clarity set against the backdrop of the plateaus basking in the morning sun and dew was like a dream. To say that I was blessed would be like saying the Atlantic Ocean is damp.

Now, if you must know, I never ran out of gas before hitting the next gas station. I made it just as I had 19 miles of gasoline left, and the price on the pump made sure I knew how grateful it was that I made it just in time.

The greatest lesson to be learned here is that too many of us stop on their journeys as they write God off, saying he never delivered. I have ran into this many times, or I have stopped thinking I made it to the right place because it looked like what I wanted, it acted like what I wanted, but unfortunately, the price was too high to get what I wanted.

How often have you stopped at a gas station, filled up, then drove two miles further only to find the prices were 20 cents cheaper than where you got it? It has happened to all of us. The challenge in every path is knowing when to pull over and when to keep pushing ahead. However, when we tap into our spirits, trust the messages and signs, focus on the road while allowing God to watch over and provide, miracles happen, awareness expands, and next thing you know, we’re in alignment.

This takes practice, and by trusting in the grace and mercy of God, we are able to take control of our destinies with much more effectiveness than before. Remember, spiritual culture and God are two completely different entities. After being burned by spiritual culture (religious and New Age alike), I learned to shut out those who talk and pay attention to my walk.

If you are feeling discouraged by your path, I am here to encourage you to focus on the spirit in the sky. God knows what you need and wants to give that to you. However, if you are driving through a stretch of desert with no gas stations or restaurants, there is no point in giving you a resource that will only burden you.

When you arrive to your appointed destination—be it physically, mentally, or emotionally—then the resources, people, and so on, will arrive.

Oftentimes, you won’t even need to ask. This path is hard regardless of our station in life, but one thing we can all agree on is that it is no doubt a miraculous path.


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