December 30, 2021

Ghislaine Maxwell is Guilty—what about her Friends?


Ghislaine Maxwell is a convicted sex trafficker.

We are talking about the woman who was Jeffrey Epstein’s best friend and partner. The woman who received well wishes from Donald Trump. And not to forget, a woman who still claims to be innocent.

Maybe Maxwell really doesn’t understand what she did wrong. Maybe she thinks that it is normal for rich men to pay for sex with minors? If she does, what does that tell us about her community?

Community is probably not the best word to describe a network of celebrities, royals, and businessmen who are accused of organizing illegal sex parties.

Maxwell probably wouldn’t call these events sex parties. As we found out in the Netflix documentary on Epstein, the victims were told that they were hired to offer massages to Maxwell’s friends.

When I was watching the documentary, I was already wondering how adults could tell themselves that hiring minors as masseuses wasn’t sketchy as f*ck. Who hires a non-qualified minor to perform a massage on adults?

And we also found out that there are pictures of Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre. Giuffre was a minor at that time, and there was no reason for her to attend any of these events. There are good reasons to believe that Maxwell organized all of that, which is why she was found guilty.

But there is a much bigger question above all of this, “Who else was involved?”

And after witnessing the ongoing battle between Meghan Markle and the tabloid press, I wonder why these newspapers don’t report much on the Maxwell case that is clearly related to Prince Andrew.

Basically, everyone who was seen in pictures at Epstein’s parties is somehow suspicious to me. And yes, that also applies to more liberal folks who were seen at the island and other sketchy locations.

Do you remember when the pandemic started and the QAnon conspiracy started to spread? It was originally all about the “Save the Children” slogan. The suicide of Epstein in jail sparked various speculations on child trafficking and the involvement of powerful men (and women).

I still can’t believe that so many folks thought that Trump was the savior who would “save the children.” He was a friend of Epstein. There are pictures of him partying with Epstein and Maxwell. He wished her well during a press conference at the White House.

It might be a coincidence that there are more Republican politicians who have allegedly had sexual misconduct that involves minors—let’s talk about Matt Gaetz.

Gaetz is also accused of human trafficking. He is part of the Trump-Florida-MAGA network. Coincidence?

I believe that the entire QAnon-adrenochrome conspiracy was just a distraction. It was never about Trump saving the children; it was about establishing a narrative that protects Trump and his buddies and makes liberals look bad at the same time.

And I am not here to discuss if there are more sex offenders among Republicans or Democrats. Inspired by a famous quote of the former president, I would say, “There are very sketchy people on both sides.”

After the verdict, attorney Damian Williams said, “I want to commend the bravery of the girls—now grown women—who stepped out of the shadows and into the courtroom. Their courage and willingness to face their abuser made this case, and today’s result, possible.” And I couldn’t agree more.

These women who spoke up against Maxwell and her network are the real heroes in this story. They did the unthinkable and held these powerful people, who thought that they were above the laws, accountable.

But let’s keep going. I am sure that there are far more women out there who experienced similar situations. Last year, I wrote an article on the online service “Seeking Arrangements.”

These so-called arrangements are basically prostitution. One person pays another person to have sex—it’s as simple as that. But prostitution is illegal in the United States, so they call an arrangement.

These arrangements are described as consensual because both parties agree to the conditions. Technically that might be true, but looking at the dynamics of these services, we see a different picture.

If rich people think that it is okay to pay young women for sex, then they should be advocates for legal prostitution. But instead, they call it arrangements, massages, and having a party.

And as we found out in the Maxwell case, this disgusting behavior is not limited to men. Women also play a role in this. The Netflix documentary showed how almost every victim of Epstein was encouraged to recruit more women to join these events.

And that’s what the Maxwell case was actually about. Even if she didn’t participate in the illegal orgies (which we still don’t know for sure), she played an important role in organizing everything. And she most probably got paid to do that.

Of course, the men involved are the real offenders, but all of this wasn’t possible without women like Maxwell. Maxwell is not the only woman on this planet who assisted in organizing arrangements…or as we call it in Europe: prostitution.

It’s safe to say that we will probably never find out what really happened on Epstein island. Prince Andrew might get away by using every possible technicality to avoid a trial against him. But that doesn’t mean this story is over.

It’s quite interesting that the battle of Meghan Markle against the tabloid industry resurfaced exactly at this point in time. On Twitter, we see #PrinceWillianaffair trending. On social media, we hear about the Maxwell case—but looking at tabloids, it almost seems as if Meghan Markle was the supervillain of 2021.

The timing and structure smell like distractions to me. It’s just a feeling, but a strong feeling.

This story is not over yet, and I am sure we will hear so much more in 2022.

I find it quite interesting that the ones who pushed the QAnon conspiracy seem to be the ones who actually endanger our children—yes, I am looking at the Trump network and Mr. Gaetz.


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