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December 29, 2021

How can you create an art gallery in your home to bring joy into your life?

Photo by Andrew Neel on Pexels.

Art Gallery in the home

The joy of creating an art gallery in your own home is something everyone should experience. The ability to surround yourself with art – photos, prints, paintings, trinkets, treasures, even the modest music gig ticket. All curated into a collection of memories, joyful moments to lift your mood.

When I purchased my first flat, I seized the opportunity to transform it into a real life gallery.  During my move, I discovered shoe boxes filled with concert tickets from all over the UK and even some from around the world. Then there were all the ticket stubs of tourist attractions and flights from my travels. Surely these deserved to be displayed – a reminder of some amazing experiences.

I set to curating and creating a collection of memories which are now displayed in my second bedroom, my spare room. When I glimpse them I smile as they take me on a journey to my past. Sometimes I even reminisce, “Remember that night I experienced Oasis at Milton Keynes Bowl in 2005”?.

Then there is the ‘ladder’ display unit which lies against the corner of the same room containing treasures from my travels. The ‘Havana’ sign from Cuba and the photo postcards from Jordan.

Next, my most adventurous project of all. To fill an empty vacant space with joyful moments. I have a very large and long hallway. A space that every room in my flat connects onto. It is a space that could easily be seen as just that – an empty space. I choose to create an art gallery in my hallway. The keeper of the joyful moments I want to walk amongst each day as I live in my flat.

Starting with the 16×16 box display. Each box display the holder of a treasure or trinket from my travels, or purchased here in the UK. Then there are the vibrant paintings and prints that have been purchased online or locally. All with a message, a meaning, a feeling. The colourful tree print reminds me that our imaginations create joy, the Banksy print of my time in Bristol, then there is the 50 shades of Scotland print.

I even have a skateboard painted by a local artist perched up next to the box display. A fun piece that certainly caught the attention of my niece and nephew.

Each piece random and unique. Together, a collection of art so inspiring you can’t help feel the energy swirl about this now vibrant space.

Around the last corner of my hallway, it is very long, appears two collections close to my heart. One run related, one travel. First, a college of the running BIBs once worn across my chest, now a reminder of what I have achieved by taking one step in front of the other. Then there is a display with a map of the world, containing different bank notes from the world stuck around as a border.  One of a kind art.

My home art gallery exploded in the summer of 2020, post Covid Lockdown 1.0. A local street artist arrived at my home and splattered two of my internal doors with his playful characters. One, a running pineapple and the other – a travel cactus. We designed them together and I now have some fun original artwork painted into my home. My niece and nephews eyes popped out their heads when they first met the cactus and asked if I painted them. The wonder of original art.

Our homes deserve to be filled with inspiring collections of our own personal art from our life or splattered with the art collected locally or from afar. How exciting to think joyful experiences await every time I step foot into my hallway or catch a glimpse of one of my collections in my spare bedroom. Our homes should be filled, not with clutter, but with vibrant energy. Bring joy from your world into your day to day then prepare to smile.

How can you create an art gallery in your home to bring joy into your life?

What items have you collected that may be stored somewhere collecting dust– create a college or display?

Who are your favourite artists? What type of artwork makes you feel alive? Treat yourself to an original piece or find a local artist and buy from them.

Share your experiences and memories around your home with your favourite photos?

Create pockets of art in and around your home, ready to lift your mood as you catch a glimpse

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso

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