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December 8, 2021

How College Students Can Maximize Winter Break to Make Money

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The rising cost of college tuition has placed a higher emphasis on working as a student. But between heavy workloads, social calendars, unalterable schedules and extracurricular clubs, organizations, or sports, maintaining a job while attending college can be an unattainable goal. For this reason, many college students try to take advantage of their school breaks to earn some extra money to apply to the next semester. However, with only a month of winter break, it can be difficult to apply, interview for and secure a job that you plan to leave a few weeks into.

Unless you have an agreement with a previous employer, it can sometimes be challenging to find a willing employer within your time constraints. Nonetheless, there are various ways college students can maximize winter break to add to their savings while their schedule is freed up.

Baby-Sit for Friends and Family

As you travel home for the holidays, consider which personal contacts of yours have children and are balancing their schedules or looking for help. With your free schedule, you could act as a saving grace for families who find themselves tied up with busy calendars and in need of childcare assistance. For decades, baby-sitting has been a proven way to make some extra cash on the side, some individuals even taking it full-time. Given that you’ll already have some individuals in mind who are aware of your reliable reputation and open schedule, it won’t take long to line up some childcare gigs and contribute towards your upcoming school payments.

Embrace the Art of Freelancing

Depending on your talent pool and existing resume, you may be able to pick up some freelance projects over winter break. Your freer schedule will enable you to dedicate more time towards networking and, hopefully, nail down a few projects you’ll be able to wrap up before heading back to school. There are various skills you could turn into a freelance income, such as writing, social media contributions, graphic design and even some holiday photography. With some diligent networking, you may even find recurring clients who will hire you for their needs on an ongoing basis, helping contribute to your school payments as you return to college.

Work for Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Grubhub, Etc.

One solid way to make some cash over winter break, especially as students returning home from college will be attending parties with old friends and celebrating the festive season, is by working with a rideshare or delivery service. This field of work enables you to make your own hours, a bonus that many individuals look for, especially when visiting home over the holidays and balancing a possibly busy schedule. There is always work in this side hustle, especially for those who live in metropolitan areas. More individuals are beginning to use this as a serious way to bring more income to their pockets, especially since it does not require prior commitments.

It might be unlikely to expect to make a full semester’s worth of money during your winter break. However, pursuing these sources of income can make a significant dent in your upcoming payments and reduce out-of-pocket expenses in other areas of your budget.

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