December 8, 2021

There are 3 Types of Lightworkers. Which are You?


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What is a lightworker and could you be one?

Lightworkers are awakened beings who illuminate our world with love, energetically transmuting darkness into light. Often, they have endured hardship and/or trauma in their life with these challenges, further opening their spiritual gifts to help them uplift others. They are powerful, highly sensitive, empathic individuals who can fundamentally change the world.

Awakening with their consciousness. Empowering with their unique gifts. Healing with the infinite supply of love flowing from the Universe.

There are three different roles we play as lightworkers and empaths that definitively tell us if we are lightworkers. Within each group, there are certain physical characteristics and personality traits that accompany each role, shaping your soul’s purpose and the spirit guides who accompany you along your soul’s journey.

Which characteristics do you share with these lightworkers and how does this guide you on your life mission and personal spiritual path? Within the three groups, we all have one dominant role. Which is yours?

Which lightworker are you?

1. A Space Holder.

You are a lightworker here to stand in your power and truth for the collective. You do not get so much into the details of helping others but keep your eye on the bigger picture.

You tend not to directly help others, but when you do, you often feel drained. You are likely the one who calls on people when they have problems that need guidance. In general, you tend to be “bigger people” with a body type that is either broad, muscular, or tall—in order to be able to hold the space.

Space Holders need to be grounded. And if you are not, you often feel overwhelmed and distracted. You don’t need to speak with an abundance of words but remember to breathe deeply and slowly. You have your emotional baggage—as we all do—but yours often does not weigh you down. You work ideally with groups, not individuals. You may be more interested in earthly hobbies and nature.

If this sounds like you, remember to practice grounding techniques and know you are doing so much more than you realize. You tend to be an introvert.

Potential jobs include supporting actors, administrative assistants, politicians, group facilitators, or fitness class instructors.

2. A Conduit.

You are the “go-betweens,” the connectors. You refer or connect people to one another.

Your relationships tend to be shorter and if you hang on too long to a relationship, you can feel drained. As lightworkers, you can connect the higher dimensions with the earthly plane through many methods, including prayer, automatic writing, meditation, Tai Chi, and more.

You can connect people to one another or people to their guides and angels. You write books to bring ideas to people. You often give others messages for their higher soul growth whether you are aware of the message or not.

You may sabotage relationships that you know do not have any purpose any longer. You may move your residence often or feel the desire for this. You are a traveler. You will keep yourself in joy and peace by moving through giving and receiving. Remember to release when the energy feels stale. You tend to be an extrovert.

Potential jobs include teachers, authors, party planners, recruiters, news reporters, musicians, or artists.

3. A Life Guide.

 You are the ones getting down and dirty. You engage in the details of life.

You tend to work one-on-one with others, helping them to remove obstacles or overcome problems in their life. You connect more with the upper realms and do so in order to not get pulled down into another’s energy. You lift others who are too immersed or too weighed down by the physical world.

You need to connect often with yourself; self-care is imminent. You will feel weighed down when you mistakenly believe another’s emotions are your own. Remember to release every morning and night and ask to call upon Archangel Michael to keep yourself in love and light.

You are most vulnerable to energy vampires or darkness as you are working closely with individuals. Working in groups weighs you down as you cannot turn your attention and energy to the individual as easily. You tend to be smaller in body type and are less interested in earthly hobbies.

Remember to have another person in your life who holds the space; whether it be an animal/pet or a lightworker who is a space holder. You need a mix of movement and rest—and tend to be on the line between extrovert and introvert. You help others get back in the flow of life.

Potential jobs include therapists, healthcare workers, one-on-one healers, social workers, life coaches, or stay-at-home mothers and fathers.

Whichever lightworker you are, thank you! You are needed more than ever in our world to counter the darkness and fear by bringing your gift of service and light.

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