December 14, 2021

My Children, You really Need to Know This.

You still do not know, my dear,

all the fights you’re gonna beat,

every sorrow you now feel,

tomorrow yesterday it will be.


Too many times

you will have to swim with sharks,

and your silence will be heard

as approval of their word.


But they do not know, my dear,

you can be both,

kind and strong.


To some people, you might be

too small or too big,

so do not ever compromise

what you carry in your heart.


And, if you ever go down

and you can’t see the way,

remember who you are,

not which role you play.


Take a deep breath and smile;

the sun shines always after the rain.


Once you make a new life,

you will live in constant fear,

if all your choices were right,

and was it the best you could give?


Even when you know

that you are strong,

you will doubt if being strong

is what the world wants.


Many wheels will break on you, my dear,

but never stop following the dream

of the child you used to be.

I hope I will manage you to see

the same in me.


Whatever I thrived or will succeed

You are what matters the most to me.

Times three!

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