December 15, 2021

Why It’s Important to Appreciate the Little Things in Life.

I was sitting by the window this morning, sipping on my coffee, listening to 432 Hz chakra healing music.

I love the sounds of trickling water and calming strings as I journal my dreams, thoughts, and aspirations.

I’m wondering about this and that, here and there—worlds away from the current moment. 

And then I look down and see her lying on her comfortable dog mat, my Dakota.

She just is—peace and tranquil to the moment. 

My heart fills with the kind of joy that makes me want to burst. How can a moment so simple be so profound? 

I look at her, and she jumps up to cuddle me on the couch. We warmly embrace and sit in peace together. 

I wish this moment would last forever. 

And that is why I choose to see them, be with them, and cherish them every single day—the “small” things, the everyday miracles and wonders. Because once upon a time, I was too busy to notice, and it filled me with regret.

Life is fast, feels busy sometimes, feels rapid. Carving out the time each day (first thing in the morning before the world awakes is my favorite) allows us to cherish these moments.

Why do we always seek the big, the vast, when right here, right now, there is magnitude in what seems so small? 

Caring for these delicate speckles of time is the secret to joy—the key is to try not to miss them or see them as insignificant. 

They are the gateway to seeing what we already have and appreciating all that is while we venture into new places and aspire for the larger-than-life things.

When we have this kind of balance—this equilibrium—magic unfolds in every aspect of our being and life. 

Here are a few more “little” things I notice every day that fill my heart with joy and appreciation:

>> Waking up at 5 a.m. to get a coffee. As I cross a bridge, I can see the hills in the distance. It’s so quiet—hardly a soul in sight on these normally busy roads. The sky is colorful—orange, pink, blue, purple—and I always say to myself, “Man, so many people miss out on this incredible time of day.”

>> Walking with my dog outdoors, breathing in the fresh air. The endorphins and movement make me feel alive.

>> Long deep chats with people I love about our dreams, our loss, and what the meaning of life may be.

>> Those prayers where I feel my entire spirit pouring out and goosebumps covering my body.

>> A falafel kebab when I’m feeling naughty. 

>> Good music—old vibes, new vibes. Currently, I have gone back to listening to Ministry of Sound, and it reminds me of festivals and dancing until the late hours of the night. 

>> My indoor plants and the vibrance they give me every day. 

>> The trees outside my window, always present, always with us.

>> Dark chocolate—the soul needs it. I savour each bite.

>> A clean space.

Let me know in the comments the little moments you notice and how they make you feel.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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