January 31, 2022

Why I’m keeping my Spotify subscription despite the Neil Young versus Joe Rogan Hoopla.


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What the hell is all this nonsense about Neil Young and Joe Rogan?

Personally, I didn’t know Rogan had a podcast. And I don’t care either. Evidently, he’s babbling about something, and people listen to his babble. I don’t listen to it and even if I did (which I might now, just out of curiosity), I’m not going to blanketly accept whatever he says as fact.

I also don’t care what Young’s stance is regarding COVID-19 or anything medically related. I listen to his music, but from when he was with Crosby, Stills and Nash, like this one, not his solo stuff. And again, I would not blanketly accept what he says as fact either.

Yesterday, my mom asked me if I had heard about Neil Young pulling his music from Spotify. She explained that he was refusing to be on Spotify if they were going to continue streaming “misinformation” about vaccines, masking, and Covid.

(Editor’s Note: Young stated, in a since-deleted letter, “I am doing this because Spotify is spreading fake information about vaccines—potentially causing death to those who believe the disinformation being spread by them.” You can read Young’s follow-up letter here. And you can read Rogan and Spotify’s recent responses here.)

I tried explaining that I had a different view than hers. I believe Young is pulling his music because he doesn’t want a neutral streaming service to make an opinion he opposes available to others. I would think an artist would be more supportive of free will, free speech, and free thinking.

I’m not going to boycott and bash Spotify, just as I wouldn’t boycott or bash a bookstore or library because they carry a book I don’t agree with.

Procedures and policies around Covid change all the time. Even the latest variant causing the newest wave of cases changes regularly. My personal opinions and actions regarding anything Covid-related are irrelevant, but I do get my information from scientists, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO)—reputable and educated sources—to make the best decision for myself. I do what I believe is best for me, but I would be a self-centered moron if I expected everybody to think, believe, and live by what I choose for myself.

If somebody wants to make a podcast saying not to trust vaccines or masks, that’s their prerogative.

If someone wants to make a song about people dying in Ohio, that’s their prerogative too.

I will continue to support Spotify’s right as a business to make available whatever content they legally can and choose to. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe that Spotify, as a business, should be in favor of or protest what measures individuals should take regarding Covid.

And I lose a little bit of respect for anyone who tries to force their sense of right and wrong onto others. What’s next? Tennessee banning a graphic novel about the Holocaust?

Oh, wait—that just happened too.


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