February 15, 2022

You’re an Empath—you just Don’t Know it Yet.


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I know this may seem counterintuitive.

I imagine a good deal of egos will be affronted by the title. It’s natural to feel a sense of protest when an opposing view challenges our identity.

A lot of us identify as empathicIn the spiritual circles, many wear the title like a badge of honor. There’s also a lot of talk of the magnetic empath/narcissist dynamic. It’s easy to find fragments of an identity around the term.

If this is your first time hearing the word, understand that it’s different from simply having empathy. Having empathy means putting yourself in another’s shoes and understanding their feelings about a situation. It doesn’t entail taking on or absorbing their energy in the process.

Those who identify as being empathic quite literally absorb the energy of those around them. This often makes it difficult for them to differentiate between their energy and someone else’s. Sometimes they unconsciously end up in romantic situations or incorporate feelings without understanding why.

We’re all energetically sensitive.

Not everyone is in tune with this concept. Some are closed off energetically, but that doesn’t mean they lack the capacity to become empathic. They too might be influenced by those around them without understanding why.

On some level, we can all attest to the idea that someone’s energy can affect the energy of an entire room. You can be in a terrific mood, then someone comes in feeling negative and suddenly you’re feeling that same negativity. Or you might be feeling negative, but someone else’s positivity shifts your mood. The thing is—we are all one energy field, but because we operate from a place of body as opposed to energy, we think in terms of separation.

This idea of separation is what keeps people from identifying as empathic—yet at their core, they’re empaths too. People generally look at their body as a solid structure when it’s actually a bunch of vibrating particles that give the illusion of solid mass. We don’t see the empty space that occupies everything we deem to be reality—from the chairs we sit in, to the food we eat. There’s empty space with energy flowing through it and whether a person can tap into that or not is what makes all the difference.

It can be challenging to shift from identifying with matter to identifying with energy because matter is what feels real. Our concept of reality is an illusion, but that is a topic for another time.

The bottom line is, just because someone does not identify as an empath doesn’t mean that they’re not picking up and absorbing energy around them. They’re just not as attuned to it as someone who is naturally more sensitive. Some people close themselves more easily—especially if talk about energy feels like a foreign concept to them.

That said, this does not make those who identify as empath better than those who do not. In fact, those who identify as empathic can also operate from a separation mentality by giving their ego a false sense of specialness as opposed oneness. Sure, you might be more aware that you’re energetically sensitive (if you are, I hope you know how to do energy protection for yourself to create a bit of a barrier), but can we drop this idea that we’re better and realize that in the eyes of source we’re all equals?

We’re all special and unique. Our souls are here learning the different things we each came here to do. See you are a beautiful human for your unique experiences and that those who lack your awareness are equally as beautiful. No one is better or worse simply because they identify more as a body. We are all one energy field, but our awareness of and sensitivity to that energy field is the only thing that makes a difference.

Beautiful human, we are all empaths.


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