February 18, 2022

Developing a Healthy Relationship with Social Media—5 (Mostly) Easy Steps.


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Social networking sites have been around for a while now, but many of us are still struggling to navigate them in healthy ways.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter provide great opportunities for us to share, connect, celebrate, and rejoice, but we also rely on these apps when we are bored, apathetic, depressed, or plotting revenge on our ex. A single tap of our fingertips transports us into another world, not exactly a better one, but another one, nonetheless. And many of us have become too reliant.

Below are five steps to help you develop a healthier relationship with social media.

1. Wake up to yourself

Our first few moments in the morning are precious. When we log onto social media first thing in the morning, we wake up to the noise of the world, and we lose touch with ourselves. Rather than reacting to everyone else’s thoughts, ideas, opinions, and beliefs, why not wake up to you own? How are you feeling today? Did you get a good night’s rest? What are you thinking? Don’t allow outside influences to hijack your consciousness and take you away from yourself.

2. Set healthy limits

Movies end. So do books and TV shows. Social media has no end in sight. You can keep scrolling to Tomorrowland if you’re not careful. Each person must figure out a healthy limit for themselves and then work to enforce it. Play around and see what feels right for you. It’s possible you may have to take a break or delete the app altogether to help you reset.

3. Sit with reality

Many people use social media as a crutch to numb their emotions or escape reality. It’s become an unhealthy coping device for millions. Next time you find yourself reaching for your phone—don’t. Take a breath and see what happens. Sit with whatever uncomfortable emotion you’re feeling. This is how we build basic strength.

4. Don’t be dramatic

If you recently had a falling out with a friend, don’t be dramatic. Don’t block them. Don’t even unfollow them. It’s likely you’re still operating out of emotion. It may be wise to mute their stories and posts instead.

5. Less is more

Must we post every meal we eat or share every thought we have? Let’s reflect in gratitude for the meal before us. Let’s explore our thoughts more deeply.

We got this!


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