March 7, 2022

4 Well-Guarded Secrets to be Meditative in the Midst of the Hustle & Bustle of Daily Life.


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We could plan a getaway to take a break from the stress, exhaustion, and frustration caused by the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The path of a courageous meditator, though, is to remain calm and meditative in the midst of chaos, not allowing external circumstances to disrupt our inner peace.

It may appear to be difficult, if not impossible, but it is possible for every human being to be calm in the midst of chaos. It may take some practice at first, but it will lead to a successful and fulfilled life.

This amazing quality was ingrained in the greatest of the ancient people who made history. Many kings and emperors were trained to be meditative, even in difficult situations, so that action could be taken intuitively without being influenced by external factors.

Let’s look at some of the well-guarded secrets that have been passed down through the generations and are still relevant in today’s world for remaining calm in the face of life’s challenges.

Here are four well-guarded secrets for being meditative in the midst of daily life’s hustle and bustle.

1. Set your direction. Ancient emperors and kings, who made a difference to the world, were perfectly clear about what they wanted to do with their lives, the lifestyle they desired, and the change they desired to see in the world in their lifetime. This clarity formed the foundation of their lives, and it has contributed to their great success. We must establish a vision, or at the very least, a direction in which we wish to express our life force.

Having a vision where we take a stand eliminates much of the confusion that causes so much frustration day in and day out. We have limited time and energy to utilize in a day, but we can guide it in the direction that will bring us joy, fulfilment, and happiness ongoingly.

2. Patience. Patience is one of the ancient treasures. The more patience we develop, the more wisely we will face any situation. Impatience creates havoc in one’s life. We have a tendency to act irrationally and without a thought. Patience can be improved by performing simple tasks with diligence and slowing down with every action. Avoid any stimulus that the mind demands to get instant gratification. Men and women of great success are cautious and selective of their means of entertainment.

Nothing of supreme value in life can be acquired overnight or in a matter of days. It takes a lot of practice, skills, and most essentially overcoming our own fears, doubts, and shortcomings to achieve any significant level of success in life. As a result, having good patience makes life easier and more peaceful.

3. Exercise. The mind can become irrational in its thinking, imagination, and daydreaming. To bring the mind back to the present moment, we must engage in some physical activities. Centering ourselves in our body is the simplest way to connect to the physical reality and stay in the now. In ancient times, it was believed that a person with a fit and healthy body must have a reasonable mind control too.

Exercising helps to increase the amount of oxygen in the body and brain, resulting in a healthier environment for the cells. It aids in the development of emotional balance, which aids in the ability to remain calm in the midst of daily life’s ups and downs.

4. Subtler to gross. Ancient people evidently believed that a person’s inner space reflected in the outer world, so they created practices and rituals to keep the inner environment calm. However, over time, the practices underwent dilution and manipulation and lost their effect. Having lost these methods, stress and anxiety became a part and parcel of our day-to-day urban life.

Thankfully, some guardians kept parts of the secrets alive by practicing those. There are many ways to connect with our inner selves, such as meditation, yoga, and contemplation, and it is one of the most important and exciting journeys that one must embark on. Most of us only react to physical situations, but it would be interesting to learn how our minds work, how our psychology develops, and how we react to certain situations, because that is when we will be able to have control over our emotions and thoughts and be calm and meditative in the midst of life’s chaos.

So these were some of the well-guarded wisdom passed down through the ages. These tips may be common knowledge, but how they are implemented is what distinguishes you from the crowd. I’d like to share one more fact: even if you’ve read it and want to make a difference but find yourself caught up in the chaos, it’s okay. We can’t achieve mastery in a day or without knowledge. Keep the ancient advice and simply practice it over time until you have mastered the art of calmness.


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