March 3, 2022

Expanded Energy Orgasm: a Pathway toward Intimacy & Connection.


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Flow through orgasm into pleasure.

Flow beyond orgasm into pleasure.

Flow through sensation into energy.

Flow from contraction into expansion.

Flow from the end into the ocean of possibility.

So much changes when we experience sex as energy.

So much changes when we experience orgasm as energy.

So much changes when we move beyond orgasm into pleasure.

So much changes when the energy can move through your body, in waves, in ripples, in spirals, dance as it will.

Expanded Energy Orgasm.

This is both a principle and a practice.

The principle of being in an orgasmic state rather than having an orgasm, and the practice of how to have the experience, how to give this to your lover, how to share in the energy.

For most of us, sex has become quite a narrow experience, narrow in terms of possibilities.

We’ve closed the possibilities down to having an orgasm, and the way we’ve done this is to make sex about a goal, an achievement. And the way we express this is through a contractive, explosive orgasm that’s more about release than anything else.

There’s a beautiful analogy of an orgasm, which is like a wave in the ocean. It starts as a swell; it gathers speed and power. If you’re riding the wave, once it’s broken, the ride’s over. And you have to swim out through the breakers and wait for your perfect wave.

Imagine this, imagine that you’re riding the wave, and instead of waiting for the wave to break, you flow into the next wave, and the next wave, and the wave after that.

Waves of energy that move through your body, that take you out into the ocean of pleasure, deep into the ocean of possibility.

This happens in a space of relaxation, rather than contraction.

The relaxation softens us, opens us, for the energy to flow, and as it moves, it takes us deeper into ourselves. And where contraction is about tension, about tightness in our bodies, in our pelvis, this expands us.

And whereas the orgasm so many people have lasts 10, 20, 30 seconds, an Expanded Energy Orgasm can move through, in your body, for 20, 30 minutes, an hour, even longer.

The way so many of us have sex, and orgasm, is about an end. That’s what we seek, the end.

And because our focus is so much on the end, in fact almost solely on the end, we miss out on so much that’s on the way. In fact, we don’t often even notice what’s on the way.

And what’s on the way is pleasure, sensation, feeling, energy.

We move from orgasm—oriented sex into the experience of pleasure.

And we begin to see that in our constant quest for orgasm, there’s one ending; in pleasure there are so many.

I teach a lot about patterns, and our sexual patterns run deep.

When we flow into pleasure we begin to free ourselves from the patterns, as pleasure opens the doors of possibility, of exploration, of discovery, of expansion.

Pleasure connects us to our hearts, to intimacy.

There is healing in pleasure, deep healing, that opens the body to release, to let go of the tightness we hold inside of us.

Especially in the softening of Expanded Energy Orgasm.

There are times when I talk about a workshop being important and then think about what that actually means.

What makes this different from “just another sexuality workshop?”

It offers a direct experience of our sexual energy, with a partner, and on your own.

It expands our possibility from the limitation of goal-oriented sex into experiences of pleasure.

Those two elements are important.

Then there’s something for everyone wherever you are on your journey, dipping a toe in the water or diving deeper.

There’s anatomy; there’s communication.

There’s a forum for open discussion and questions.

There’s healing and expansion.

There’s intimacy and connection.

And there is such possibility.


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