March 3, 2022

Pandemics, Wars & Violent Weather Conditions—is Mother Nature Warning Us?

“Mankind can only disappoint Mother Nature for so long.” ~ (maybe) Anthony D. Williams


Throughout history we have had wars, pandemics, and wild global weather conditions, but none have been more prominent in my lifetime, than the past two years.

Fires, floods, violent storm conditions, earthquakes, all reeking havoc—some causing devastation. A pandemic that has caused death, illness, confusion and division. Intolerance, bullying, and hatred. People turning on one another like rabid animals. And now it seems we have the threat of war.

Is Mother Nature and the universe warning us? Are they calling us on our sh*t?

In recent times, too many humans have forgotten how to be compassionate. We’ve forgotten how to care, how to be kind. We’ve forgotten how to be f*cking respectful; we’ve forgotten that our beliefs and our choices are our own. We’ve forgotten that life is a gift. Our earth and all the living beings are not ours to own, to dominate, to take, to hurt, ruin, discard like trash. That we humans are just a small part of the universe, yet we bloody-mindedly continue to destroy everything we touch.

Too many humans are selfish, egotistical, power hungry, and greedy. There’s no self-awareness, and without self-awareness, they trample on anything and anyone that stands in their way. There’s no listening to hear, as they have already made up their minds. There’s no action taken that does not result in them getting something. There’s no understanding or compassion of another who shares a different view. There’s only their own beliefs, their own ideas, and anyone who doesn’t agree is unworthy.

I believe Mother Nature and the universe set us a challenge over the past few years and we have absolutely failed miserably.

We are too busy belittling others. Arguing on social media because we are right and everyone else is wrong. Treating the planet and every beautiful living, breathing thing in it with disdain. We are so busy being right and ignoring everything that’s falling apart around us that we—us humans—are causing far more damage then everything else.

We cannot continue being the human race we currently are and expect to survive. I look around and am mortified at people’s behaviour, their actions, their need to always one-up others. The desire to speak over others, trample others, disrespect and demoralise others.

And the saddest part of it all is these people either are unwilling or do not know they desperately need to work on themselves. Only bitter, resentful, angry, and scared people behave in this way.

We look around the world at politicians—most who have a blinding need for control and power. Most who cannot take responsibility for their own actions, and most whose ego needs to be constantly stroked. They lead us from one disaster to another. And we have to live with the consequences. People become blinded by what they stand for. People put their blinkers on and ignorantly follow the masses without stopping and thinking for a moment. Repeatedly throughout history the “powers” at the time have gotten it wrong.

When do we learn? When do we stand up and be f*cking counted? When do we consciously as individual, intelligent human beings do what we believe is right, without inflicting judgement and hatred on others? You are no better than me, and I am no better than you—regardless of wealth, education, or status.

We have lost our way and humankind and our planet are greatly suffering.

Two years ago when the pandemic started, we could have stepped up. I know for me, I used this time for self-reflection, healing, and growth. I used this time to study holistic therapy, so I could help others. I used this time to train as a crisis phone supporter, so I could actually make a difference, at a time where mental health is at an all-time low. Critical parts of our training include no judgement, empowering others, active listening, compassion, and empathy. It is never our place to tell another how to live, or demean them for their choices, regardless of what those choices are.

Fast forward to 2022, and I’m saddened to see the decline in people’s compassion and empathy. The decline in kindness. Unfortunately, a quick look on social media will show you what a nasty society we live in. What I want to know is who makes one right and another wrong? And if you cannot have a respectful and open-minded conversation with another about a choice that you don’t agree with, I suggest you check your ego, and go within for a little soul-searching. The beautiful thing about being a human is we are all different. It really is some toxic behaviour to believe you’re right and your beliefs and choices should be followed by others.

So, I think our incredible universe and our beautiful but powerful Mother Nature have had enough. They test us. They try and teach us lessons. They warn us in subtle ways, and when we continue to ignore them, their warnings become bigger and more shocking. They remind us that no single person or country is bigger or more potent than them. They show us that we are not superior to any other person, creature, or nature. They whisper that if you want peace, you need to stop starting wars. Wars with other countries, wars with your neighbour, wars with those who don’t share your beliefs, wars with strangers on social media, wars with our planet, and wars with ourselves.

And when they stop whispering, you will hear them roar. Will you choose to listen?

“The universe doesn’t give you what you ask for with your thoughts; it gives you what you demand with your actions.” ~ Dr. Steve Maraboli


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Read 10 comments and reply

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