March 6, 2022

Three of the Worst Photos I’ve ever seen in my life. [Warning: Heartbreaking]

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.” ~ Howard Zinn 

In Russia, protests against Putin’s war continue in Russia, despite very real threat of imprisonment.

Never say any entire people are bad. The Russian people—many of them—are showing the kind of courage I’ve never had to dig deep for.


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Femen Ukraine protest against Putin, in Paris, France. [Nudity, Context]


The three photos. (click here to see them, or below)

We don’t have rights to show them directly, but you can click to see them below.

“Parents mourning their 18 months old child who died because of shelling, Ukraine, March 2022 [credit CNN].”

“Crying here with my 15-month-old in my lap. I’ll be seeing this photo in my mind forever.”

“They showed videos of this on the news. My mom started crying. It was surprising to see them show something so heavy on the news – not that our news (scandinavia) hasnt been very open about whats going on, but its usually b-roll of shelled cities and such with correspondents talking about the day.”

“If only these photos could spread widely in Russia.”

“As hard as this is to look at, thank you for sharing the reality of this war. The media likes to focus on the heroics, the feel good, the badass Ukrainians fighting tanks, Russian soldiers crying when they FaceTime their moms, the “Russian warship, go fuck yourself” stories, but this is the reality that many Ukrainians are facing every day. Fear, terror, not knowing if they or their loved ones will have a tomorrow. And if they do, will it be a hellish nightmare…

This situation has a real, permanent situation on many lives and this whole invasion is an atrocity. This is what we need to be seeing.”

“That’s one of the worst things I’ve ever seen in my life.”


“Russians will never see this. In 4 days they might be disconnected from the internet: https://twitter.com/nexta_tv/status/1500553480548892679#m “


Great comment re Russians protesting in Moscow just now, chanting “No more war!” despite threat of imprisonment for 15 years. Apparently they’re taking even children.

“If the Russians overthrow Putin, they should get whatever the reverse of sanctions is.

We should reward their bravery and brotherhood by helping them in any way we can and show the rest of the world the benefits of peace.”

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