April 13, 2022

10 Inspirational & Motivational Things to say to People that will Make them Smile.


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A harbinger is one that initiates a major change—a person or thing that originates or helps open up a new activity, method, or new technology.

In my career, I consider myself to be a harbinger of hope.

As a group fitness instructor, I want to foster belief in my followers. I want to help my audience take a step in the right direction. I want to get them a win as quickly and as early as possible, and with it, comes a promise for a healthy and happy future.

I want to lead people to greatness. I want to stand out, get butts off couches, and make a lasting impact. I want to give people back the belief they have in themselves.

In no particular order, here are 10 inspirational and motivational things you can say to people that will undoubtedly make them smile and respond favorably to you:

1. Your eyes are glowing; you look so radiant.

The eyes tell stories that your mouth can’t always describe. I always look into people’s eyes first, and open my mouth second. If you pay someone a genuine compliment about their eyes, it signifies an awareness and a true care about the other person. Telling someone they look radiant is a surefire way to get a smile and maybe even a blush.

2. That color looks fabulous on you.

Colors are also an amazing indicator of a person’s mood and overall outlook. If you were to look in my closet, you would see every color of the rainbow, and I try to mix up my wardrobe often and regularly. It’s amazing what bright, bold colors can do for your aura and confidence levels. The next time you see someone wearing a color that suits them and makes them shine, mention it. It will certainly make their day, and add “pep in their step.”

3. When you smile, you light up a room.

I know tons of folks who feel fabulous when being told this! This phrase is absolutely the most amazing thing to say to someone else, if it’s coming from an authentic place.

4. I believe in you.

Need I say more? When a person believes in your abilities, strengths, talents, accomplishments, doesn’t it make you feel good inside? I know that if the person saying this to me looks me in the eyes and says it with a smile, it makes me feel on top of the world.

5. You’re so kind/generous/compassionate/understanding.

Make no mistake: these are the best qualities for any person to possess. If someone notices them in you, it’s a wonderful thing, indeed. Aim to be any or all of these things—it will serve you well in every area of your life.

6. I appreciate you.

I love this phrase. It speaks volumes. When you’re appreciated, you feel unstoppable. You feel noticed and loved and cared for. That makes for a happy life, doesn’t it?

7. If you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to call. I’m here for you. 

Of course, this one only feels inspirational to someone if it’s coming from a genuine person who really cares for their well-being and welfare. Otherwise, it can be taken as a trite statement.

For me, this one makes me feel warm inside—but only if it’s said from someone who truly has my back and wants me to feel safe and secure.

8. You have such a great way with words. 

I was having a chat with a colleague recently, when she said these exact words to me. It made me feel not only heard, but appreciated. I smiled afterward because I feel I made an impression on her, and perhaps, also made her see the situation differently from my perspective. If someone tells you that your way of speaking has an impact on them, take it and run. It’s an amazing statement to hear. If people respond to you favorably in this way, it can only be a good thing.

9. I love your cooking.

I love to cook, and for me, it’s such a fantastic thing to hear from someone who enjoys my food. I honestly love to nurture and care for anyone who sits at my table, so to know that I’m appreciated for my efforts in this way makes me feel so damn good about myself.

10. You’re such a good influence. 

Boom! I saved the best for last.

I don’t know anyone who would be in a sh*tty mood after hearing this coming from another person. I hear this statement so often in my career, that it must be true.

Here’s the caveat: don’t walk around like you’re better than anyone else. Don’t be arrogant. Don’t lose that humble spirit. Take an inspirational and motivational comment like this, lock it into your psyche and always remember your worth. If someone says you’re an inspiration, you are a selfless, beautiful, and wonderful human being.

There are a ton more inspirational and motivational things that you can say to others to make them smile, but these are my top 10 favorites.

Make someone’s day. Be kind.

Hope this list gave you some light and made you smile.


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