April 14, 2022

22 Powerful Ways to be a Magnet for Love & Feel Alive.

magnet for love

When I was first starting my journey to find love, I learned something that completely changed my life.

This one fact turned everything I knew on its head and opened my eyes to a new way of living.

Unfortunately, most of us do not learn this fact. We are taught that there is something wrong with us or we aren’t desirable as we are. So, we spend years trying to change how we look or how much money we make in an effort to attract love.

This is the complete opposite way of finding love. You cannot attract what you already don’t have. Until you are an energetic match for love, you will be stuck in a cycle of unwanted experiences. So what was that life-changing fact that I learned?

All humans are energetic beings, and we can be a match for what we desire.

Just like a station on the radio, humans also have vibrational frequencies. We are either emitting closed off energy or loving and warm energy. Or maybe somewhere in between. This helpful chart shows the spectrum of energy that humans emit.

This is so important when we are desiring a relationship because it all starts on an individual level. Most people think that in order to find love and a meaningful relationship, they must go out there and find someone who can give it to them.

This could not be farther from the truth. Yes, the end goal will always be to find your special person to build your life with. But instead of going out in the world to find it, you get to start with you.

By knowing this fact, you will be empowered in your search for love. You get to cultivate the feelings of love you desire within yourself. Once you start to embody those feelings of love, finding a meaningful relationship will be effortless.

Something I love to have my clients do is have them live by the desired qualities they are looking for in a romantic partner. Desire an adventurous partner? Start finding ways to embody adventure in your life. Or maybe you desire an open-minded partner? What ways can you expand your own mind first?

This is my absolute favorite exercise to do with clients because their eyes light up once they realize how much power they have. By realizing this seemingly small fact, the world is your oyster.

Now, I think we can all agree that we desire a loving partner. Someone who shows you love and appreciation. This is such an amazing trait to desire because when more humans are feeling the love, the world is a better place.

So below I have listed my 22 favorite ways to feel more love in your life and become a magnet for more of it. These practices elicit those good feelings inside you. Whether it be doing something nice for someone else or showing yourself some love, these will all get you feeling love quickly.

Try embodying one trait a day and see how life opens up for you during those 22 days. You never know, you may just find your person that is ready to love you.

22 ways to become a magnet for love:

1. Write a daily gratitude list.

2. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.

3. Compliment someone.

4. Do a heart-centered meditation.

5. Cuddle with your pets.

6. Take yourself on a date.

7. Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in line.

8. Look in the mirror and say five things you love about yourself.

9. Go on a gratitude walk—walk with no distractions and appreciate the beauty around you.

10. Move your body and appreciate all it does for you.

11. Eat nourishing food that gives you energy.

12. Stay hydrated; water is more energizing than caffeine.

13. Put on your favorite outfit.

14. Peruse a bookstore and buy whatever book intrigues you.

15. Watch your favorite comedy or romantic movie.

16. Cook a four-course meal for someone you love.

17. Try a 10-minute yoga stretching exercise.

18. Learn about the law of attraction and increase your vibration.

19. Book yourself a spa day.

20. If you’re single, open a dating app and send a flirty message.

21. If you’re taken, schedule uninterrupted time with your love.

22. Write a love letter about your life, detailing all the love you already have around you.

There you have it, 22 powerful ways to increase the amount of love in your life. Is there anything you would add?

By practicing those things that make you feel alive and loved, you are setting your frequency to the channel of love. That means you will start to attract more experiences and people who mirror love back to you.

Embody that which you desire and watch your life change.

Maybe you already have ways to increase the love in your life, tell me below!

Here’s to finding and being love.


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