April 26, 2022

Another Update on Redford. If you know and love him come visit him.

Earlier update here.

Red’s still having a hard time nearly four months after surgery.

Heart disease and something else (vets haven’t been able to figure it out, could be cancer, though they’ve looked) triggered mucho by anesthesia in surgery, seems like.

He’s on heart medication now (and other stuff) which is helping somewhat but not sure if will actually help him heal or if just treating symptoms. Will clarify this if I can.

His left leg still not working, he’s often in shaking pain/discomfort after brief walk (like 20 feet, even), and doesn’t have enough circulation/mouth turns white as a sheet after briefest of walks.

If you know and love him come visit him.

(Most of the photos are from recent rough times, a few are from better more active and happy times)

For the photos mentioned above, click here. 

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Read 7 comments and reply

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