April 29, 2022

How our Wishes Inspire Others to Show their True Colors. {World Wish Day, April 29}


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Every year, the 29th of April is celebrated as World Wish Day.

It’s a chance to celebrate wishes in all forms—wishes that have not been granted yet, as well as those that have been. A wish is a strong desire for something to happen. We all have different wishes…good health, money, love, freedom, happiness, world peace.

We have wishes for ourselves and wishes for others, too. Do we have good wishes for everyone all the time? Well, we can give others what we already have. So, if we lack good wishes for ourselves it’s not easy to have good wishes for other people.

If we look at our life circumstances and think, “I am not good enough…I just keep failing,” we hold ourselves back from realizing our limitless potential. But if we turn our attention inward and connect to our true selves, more positive thoughts begin to emerge. We start to experience our virtues and unique qualities and we fill ourselves with love and joy, which we are able to spread around us.

The deeper we go into ourselves, the more constructive and productive thoughts we have. There is no time or space left for wasteful thinking, so we automatically become well-wishers for others, too. Even when we notice something unpleasant in our environment we address it with goodwill and pure feelings, without judgment or criticism.

Having good wishes for other people isn’t just being nice or thinking well of others. It means offering them the support needed during hard times, giving them hope, and helping them find their strength. It means accepting them without being dismissive when they make a mistake. Our good wishes are reflected in the way we treat others in our everyday life.

When we truly wish others well, we inspire others to become better and show their true colors; we seek to uplift them and help them radiate their inner light.

Do we address people like this? That’s a point to consider!

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Read 8 comments and reply

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