April 19, 2022

“Nyet, I did that.”

Closer…but still not there…it ain’t Biden. It ain’t even Putin, though his cruel war doesn’t help. It’s Big Oil. 

It’s you and me, too, whether we like it or not. Here’s what to do about it:

Actually, “Energy conglomerates “did that.” They recognized they have a strong excuse to raise prices now and they have. Nothing surprising about this at all.”

Corporations that (not *who*, they ain’t people) engage in inflation-riding price-gouging should be punished. We did this during WWII & again in the 1980s.

Rather: “Make a sticker for the CEOs of Chevron, Shell, BP and so on and use those guys. Corporations have been noticing that they can blame Putin and are running with the bag.”

More like, make a sticker of those CEOs, *and* you and me, because supply and demand is a dance, a toxic dance that directly fuels climate crisis. Where I live, in Colorado, 1,000 homes burned down around Christmas. That. Isn’t. Normal. Or. Okay.

Let’s invest in trains, like the rest of the world. Buses, clean and with plugs and lots of departure times. Subways, protect bike lanes. Carpooling. You know the list.

Stop idling and stop it with the leaf blowers (go electric, or rake, or leave the leaves to the insects, dying out as fast as birds, have a chance).

Let’s all give a care, and stop playing football with politics. Vote for those who care, who see real problems (hint: trans rights ain’t one of ’em; suppressing abortion doesn’t help, safe sex and access to contraception does) and address them with real solutions.

Bonus: (click into the tweet for a link to her full story)

“Price of crude was $128/barrel a month ago and is $99/barrel now. Where I live, prices at the pump just went up again this week.

This BS [gas prices] has little to do with Biden, Putin, sanctions, or Ukraine. It is 100% corporate oil greed and they’ve got us bent over [the oil barrel].⁠

Direct your outrage at those actually responsible instead of leveraging everything for partisan political arguments.

Two other ways to cut your climate footprint, while effecting (affecting?) macro change, too: go zero waste. Plastic is petroleum, and fossil fuel companies want to push more plastic in the coming decade. And, go vegan. Read here to see why Vegetarian ain’t enough. 

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