April 8, 2022

My “Lines Written in Early Spring”—A Tribute to William Wordsworth.


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April is National Poetry Month.

Today is the birthday of the great English Romantic Poet, William Wordsworth. His poetry is spiritual and deep and displays great intelligence. I’ve always been drawn to his style and choice of words, and rhythm.

My favorite Wordsworth poem, Character of the Happy Warrior, became my cheat code for keeping my spirits high and focus sharp after my father’s sudden passing in 2016.

It’s now 2022, though, and it’s springtime.

To honor William Wordsworth, I’d like to offer my own expression of his beautiful poem, Lines Written In Early Spring.

With a thank you to his genius…

“My” Lines Written In Early Spring

At night I listen to the spring peepers call,
Through the kitchen window, the air feels warm.
The sounds of spring give me a calming wall.
Fencing any storm.

I’ve needed this one, maybe urgently,
The air, the smells, the grounding feel.
The turkeys strutting, gathered pleasantly.
And white tails flagging, but rarely stomping heels.

But the sounds of frogs, on the ridge—are missed,
Their chorus, and their serenade.
Whispering love through sighs of bliss.
Their presence made me unafraid.

It’s April now, some rain will arrive.
Labored wingbeats will reach the trees.
My needed sounds—to soon deprived.
But hopeful me, trusts what’s in his knees.

My will, so strong this time of year,
These lines so written—are not threnody,
But alas I may expose a tear.
As rain can make one melancholy.

But under my chest, I’m filled with love.
And there is a plan, that’s in the breeze.
‘Cause my heart doth miss its other glove.
And I pray it all comes back—
to ease.

“The best portion of a good man’s life, his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.” ~ William Wordsworth


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Read 12 comments and reply

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