April 18, 2022

Thank you for the Laughter, Mrs. Maisel.

I had been putting off catching up with the latest season of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” on Amazon prime.

Somehow it was kept on my watch list for a long time and I never got around to it. But I just started watching the latest season this weekend, and I have to say, sometimes you end up seeing the most appropriate series at the exact time when you need it most.

I for one had a slump in my motivation for weeks, and some not so great discoveries health-wise but not going to shed light on that dark tunnel now.

I was absolutely fine, going through the daily motions; I even celebrated my 30th birthday this month in a quiet and content manner with my husband. I had some good “me time” for some hours, and also caught up with a few friends on calls. All in all, I was doing well, but I feel like I needed that extra push and I could sense it.

Over the long weekend, I decided to not schedule outings or errand runs and just be home. I caught up on some cleaning and brushing up on a few activities. Left with time to spare, I started watching Mrs. Maisel, season four.

And my, what a relief, her breakdowns were so hilariously relatable. It was as if I was finally thawing my feelings and just releasing them.

Without any spoilers, I want to shed light on this one scene. It was the morning after Mrs Maisel had gotten her life together after yet another blow to her plans. She got back up with her hope and humour, not taking any time to mull over anything. But alas, one small hiccup pushed her over the edge.

Her rant on how the cancellation of her milk delivery is the perfect example of her life failing hit so close to home.

I laughed in that scene but also understood her frustration. That despite working so hard each time, life kept throwing curveballs.

Not to sound sadistic, but the crux of the series being relatable is not just comic relief on the darker aspects of life. It is also the quest to better oneself, it is getting back up after being knocked down, and doing so while drawing humour in each situation.

While I personally didn’t have a meltdown over getting a milk delivery or lack thereof, I did understand the hint of exhaustion felt by Mrs. Maisel. I understood the absence of the well-deserving good things after toiling for so long. I understood the sadness of life plans moving further and further away from oneself.

While she may be a fictional character whose story will light up, I have to hold out the same motivation for my own story.

I have to laugh while I can and find lightness through such a series, that is truly marvellous to say the least.


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