April 20, 2022

This new (already sold out) official (and profane) Ukrainian postage stamp is amazing.

Ukraine has a ‘Russian warship, go f**k yourself’ postage stamp and locals are waiting in very long lines for it.”

I want one. I’d put it in a little teensy frame and every time I felt the odds were against the good guys, the cause of peace and just wanting to live a good simple life with loved ones in, you know, sane kind honest civilization, I’d look at this image of defiance.

“As of now nearly 700,000 stamps have been sold and the sale of stamps in our branches is done,” Igor Smelyansky, Ukraine’s postal service director, said in a Facebook post.

“The postal service printed a run of one million stamps with the image of a Ukrainian special forces fighter raising his middle finger at a Russian warship. The image related to an incident early in the conflict, when a warship demanded the surrender of a small group of fighters guarding a rocky island in the Black Sea.

The gesture by the fighter was a visual representation of the profane phrase one of the island’s defenders used in a radio transmission, in which he told the warship where to go. The 13 Ukrainian fighters on the island were captured by Russia and later released in a prisoner swap.” For more.


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