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May 2, 2022

Once in a Lifetime

Photo by Michaela on Pexels.

When things keeps on going south. Then unexpectedly one day, everything just got changed around.

You just had that one special person, who just wanted to talk for hours and took the time to listen.

When you just needed someone, who was willing to listen, when you felt like your world and life was just falling to pieces.

It just made you finally feel like someone actually cared and just didn’t make it about themselves. They made it about your feelings just as much as theirs.

When that one special person, just so soft and kind with their words. Being so gentle to your heart and feelings with comforting conversations.

Giving you Hope and positive thoughts, bring joy and laughter to you. When you felt so broken.

Always remember, We never know what others are going through.

So always spread kindness and caring thoughts with positive words.

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