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May 23, 2022

Venus Square Pluto: Love Advice for Romantics and other Broken Hearts

Venus squares Pluto, the Persephone of the galaxy, the bride in a cage, the black moon Lillith, the daughter of Gaia swimming in the power of the subconscious.

Do you feel like when it comes to love you are doing something wrong? You are at the point of giving up on love altogether? Or somehow, somewhere along the way, you fell out of love with your partner?

There’s a great saying in Spanish, “mejor sola que mal acompanada.” Better to be alone than in bad company.

What do we do when we get stuck in love?

What if what we really want, in the depths of our souls, is our own Personal Jesus?

Settle into a chair, and let’s have a charla (talk).

My Leo heart wants to tell you first of all, don’t give up.

My moon in Scorpio wants to tell you, hold out for one whose depths make your toes curl both in ecstasy and sleep.

My stellium in Cancer wants to ask you, are you alright? Do you feel safe? Nurtured? Beautiful? Important? Powerful? Seen? Loved?

If you don’t feel safe emotionally or physically, you have one option. And shame is part of the blame game–unnecessary. The only option is to leave.

Why do we stay in relationships that don’t feed our souls? Why do we stay?

Now is the time to have an honest, non-judgemental, loving conversation with yourself.

Is it because of emotional or economic scarcity?

If yes, what is your action plan to address this issue of scarcity? Find different work. Stay with friends or family. Reach out to people. You’ll be surprised how understanding people will be.

The truth is, we’ve all been there on some level. Historically, relationships was based on stuff. How much money, who gets what. Emotional scarcity was a given.

If it’s about emotional scarcity, what will it take to have the kind of relationship you deserve?

If it’s about insecurities, what will it take to make you feel the security of wholeness? Afterall that’s what insecurity is, a feeling of being incomplete, undeveloped, superficial.

If you put the sing in single, it’s time to talk about expectations and online dating.

If we are online dating, as we do, let’s try a new approach.

Approach your meetups and dates as an opportunity for friendship and laughs.

Take the romance out of the equation, at least initially. Try to see them as people. Not a character the greatest romance novel ever written, just an ordinary person with quirks, insecurities and humanity.

Seeing the humanity in others gives us permission to forgive and see the humanity in ourselves. Try seeing romance as you generously giving people the chance to hang out with you. 🙂 That way if something goes awry you easily take away their chance.

Most likely our dates say or do something that rubs us the wrong way. No worries, as long as they don’t move into the romance category in your life.

Get better at communicating this with people. Usually, you can have a good laugh at how silly dating is, and become friends or at least acquaintances.

For the horny among us, give the flower of your ecstasy time to flourish.

If you are stuck in a relationship pattern, the best thing to do is give your romance more time. The moment of falling in love should feel safe. Yes, exciting and perhaps nervous, yet safe nonetheless.

If you don’t feel safe when you are falling in love, you may be in a negative relationship pattern.

And if you’re in love and someone broke your heart, try to boss up in some tight pants.

I’m serious. Not everyone is everyone else’s cup of tea.

If someone broke your heart, it has absolutely nothing to do with your looks. Falling in love is a miracle. Everything else is just practice.

Remember how beautiful you are, how unique you are, how kind and loving. People who don’t know how to love, don’t get their hearts broken. Remember that.

Love is power. We, who love are the ones with the power.

Stand up tall. Engage your upper and lower abdomen. Balance your psoas. Find your psoas. Pull your shoulder blades back. Bring your head and face up to the sky.

There are nearly eight billion people on the planet. The probability of falling in love is 1 to 562.

Dating online just brings more chances. Don’t limit yourself. If you meet someone you like out in the world, try to see the situation as an opportunity to figure out how to talk to people you are attracted to.

This is an art form all its own. Good fodder for my next article.

From my heart to yours, good luck and stay open. Love is 562 steps away.

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