May 30, 2022

Why I Connect with Johnny Depp Most in this Trial.

The famous defamation trial of Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard is still ongoing, with people tuning in from across the globe.

I have been following it on and off, not getting obsessed with it of course, but stopping every now and then to get an update.

I am not going to mention any observations here nor am I going to start a lecture on the premise of this trial. I feel like it’s not my place. But what I do want to share is my connection to the life of the humble actor.

I grew up watching his movies, I still do. As an artist, his reach is vast. Sitting in India being so engrossed in Hollywood movies, I always enjoyed the roles Johnny Depp played.

But seeing the trial and hearing his side, it just made him more human in my eyes. Like there is no character here—it’s a real person with a messy childhood.

Ironically, I don’t want to comment on his marriage, but I watched his narration of his family again and again. It was the first time I heard about his role in the family as a peacekeeper, gatekeeper, protector, and as an innocent child who had no other choice but to grow up.

His narration of the years he spent managing his family, his parents, and his own struggles had such raw emotions. It reminded me of how certain trials in life lead you down a path finding strength and courage.

Hearing tales of endurance from a celebrity somehow has a different feel. It’s almost as if he was just another person sharing his life (which he is). I’m sure a lot of people seeing the trial will probably resonate with something one way or another, with any of the individuals involved.

But what personally touched me was the attitude of gratitude he has for the darkest times he experienced as a child.

The immense patience he amassed over years and years of missing out on normalcy.

The forgiveness he has for the two most important people who hurt him, his parents.

I have to say, as a distant viewer, the ugly truth of Johnny Depp’s life and this trial has been a beacon of light for many.

I personally admire his perseverance and positivity.

Good people don’t just happen, they are often wronged and have difficult stories before they come out the other side.


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