June 23, 2022

Lightworkers, It is Up to Us to Stand in our Power & Build a New System.


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Many of us lightworkers have been experiencing such powerful energy ever since the Pisces portal opened up in mid-April, which was then followed by an intense eclipse season.

This energy has really brought up many subconscious dynamics that we needed to address and process in order for us to continue moving along our ascension path. With this now behind us, the energy of June appears to be softening just a little bit and I stress a little bit. Saturn recently went into retrograde in Aquarius, which will last for the next few months. This has the potential to be yet another challenging experience as Saturn is our teacher. This is the time for us to review the lessons we have been working on ever since Saturn first entered Aquarius on March 22, 2020, and I don’t think I need to remind you what happened then.

I distinctly remember a profound feeling I had on one of my daily walks in April of 2020 when I felt as though I finally wrapped my brain around the spiritual significance of what was transpiring on our planet. I realized that 2020 was going to be pivotal in this shift in consciousness. This was the year that the universe was going to illuminate the matrix which was going to move us closer to transforming our world.

We are birthing a new Earth and this is just one of the many contractions. I felt, at that moment, that I knew exactly why I was here on the planet. I was here to assist in leading this shift in consciousness along with my fellow lightworkers. We have long been aware that our younger souled brothers and sisters, who have led primarily with their egos, created so much harm and destruction to the planet. It is time now for all of us to take responsibility for allowing this to continue because of our own victim consciousness, cognitive dissonance, and internalized control dramas.

I believe that due to our own traumas, we have been afraid to fully stand in our power. It is time for us to lead this movement by fully releasing our fears and taking action. I believe many of us received more clarity during this recent eclipse season as to our roles in this movement. The next few months will give us an opportunity to finish the work we started in 2020 so that we can really shift this paradigm.

Although 2020 was truly a defining year, 2017, year number one (2+0+1+7) was the beginning of this cycle. I believe the spiritual agenda was for us to explore and release our victim consciousness. 2017 started off with an eclipse in Leo which also coincided with the nodes shifting into Aquarius/Leo. The eclipses and nodes refer to the work that needs to be accomplished collectively. Aquarius symbolizes the humanitarian and Leo, its opposite, represents the ego.

In the fall of 2016, right before the election, I had this premonition that something significant was going to transpire globally. I didn’t know exactly what it was, but I do remember feeling as though it was imperative to be mindful to stay away from any fear-based rhetoric. Although I rarely watched traditional news and lived as much as possible outside the matrix, it seemed more important than ever to fully disconnect from these sources. Even though I did not participate in the election because I could no longer be a part of this dysfunctional system, I went to bed on election day assuming that Hillary won the presidency—not that I thought she was necessarily a better candidate.

I have long realized that neither party was looking out for anyone’s interest but their own and this political game was here to divide and distract us. However, the next day, I felt as though I awoke to a bizarre state of reality. It took me a while to wrap my brain around the fact that Trump was going to be our next president. When I arrived at work that day and for weeks, if not months, later, just about every client, most of which I believe are also lightworkers, was in tears and experiencing intense anxiety.

However, I felt strangely confident that I was here to assist others through this challenging time. With each distressed client, I reassured them that this was not a bad thing. Being spiritually minded, I understood that the events that occur in our lives are meant for our greatest good and for our spiritual evolution. As a therapist, I know that in order to change the system, it is first important to expose what is wrong with the system. The problem with the world is our ego or narcissism, so what better poster child for narcissism than the elected president to illuminate what needs to be healed on our end of the planet? When I refer to narcissism or narcissist, I am not necessarily referring to the diagnostic sense of narcissistic personality disorder, but as a way of describing a trait that all of us possess to some extent, which propels us to make ego-based or self-serving decisions.

Many of us lightworkers had younger souled, more narcissistic parents, authority figures, siblings, and other individuals within our lives who have caused us trauma, which has created internalized fear and perpetuated dysfunctional dynamics. This situation was illuminating the work that needed to be done in order for us to release these fears and heal our wounds.

When we were children, it was difficult to psychologically accept certain realities such as that our parents and other adults acted in self-serving ways, which created intense anxiety and threatened our sense of self. Our brain then adopted ways of psychologically protecting ourselves and created cognitive distortions to ensure psychological survival. Unless we have done some psychological work, we had a difficult time accepting the painful reality that our parents and other adults, on some level, were self-serving. We then continue minimizing, rationalizing, or denying any situations that would lead us to confront our own childhoods because it is just too painful. We then continue participating in this fantasy that authority figures, who are merely the projections of our parents, are looking out for our best interest.

All of us, to some extent, sleep better in this illusion of safety. It’s time that we all wake up from this illusion. Because of our victim consciousness, we also continue to transfer responsibility onto others and project this childlike desire to be taken care of which leads us to put our lives in other people’s hands. Something to understand is that individuals with pathological narcissism are inherently drawn to positions of power. However, we still continue participating in this system due to our cognitive distortions, but hopefully, we will start seeing some changes.

Additionally, our childhood experiences create patterns of how we relate to others. Based on learned patterns, we sometimes take from or give energy to others. Because most of our parents were imperfect, they learned to maneuver the world seeking additional energy from other people, including us. Based on our parents’ stories, unknowingly, they engage with us through what are called control dramas, which range from passive to aggressive forms of obtaining energy. A passive example of a control drama is the victim strategy, whereby the individual seeks to gain attention and energy through the manipulation of sympathy.

The most aggressive form of control drama is intimidation, whereby the tactic of obtaining energy is through anger and hostility. Depending on the control drama used by our parents and our innate temperament, we adopt our own tactic of relating with others, which becomes embedded in our subconscious. Unless we explore and resolve this dynamic, we maneuver life either by being the bully or the victim.

However, when we become self-actualized, we step out of this paradigm. Many of our parents and siblings took on this bully role and we then internalized a victim paradigm. The bully will then attract someone who has learned to take the victim position.

For example, a business owner, who hasn’t resolved their childhood trauma, will likely control, manipulate, and exploit their employees. An employee, who hasn’t resolved their childhood trauma, will allow this dynamic and feels stuck in this situation. A wise person realizes that there is a third position: not to engage in either role. A wise person learns how to navigate relationships without being a bully, which means not desiring power or control over others, imposing one’s values on others, or manipulating others to satisfy internal needs. A wise person also learns how to set boundaries with others, communicate assertively, and take responsibility for their lives, whereby stepping out of a victim paradigm.

When we entered into eclipse season at the beginning of 2017, I too had to do some personal clearing of my own and encountered my first dark night of the soul experience. Although I had been doing personal and spiritual growth work for over a decade, primarily focusing on my chronic depression, I was faced with extreme anxiety and horrific panic attacks, which were the unexpressed fears from my childhood and past lives. I had to work through my own fears and victim consciousness.

My north node is in the sign of Aquarius, which explains this deep purging I was experiencing. Unbeknownst to me at that time, I was preparing for the road ahead of us. Interestingly enough, I encountered many other lightworkers who had a similar experience that year. Many were prompted to explore their cognitive dissonance, confront the narcissists in their lives, and heal from these wounds. Although historically us older souls would retreat to mountaintops away from civilization, I believe that there are many lightworkers who have reincarnated at this time to lead this Age of Aquarius movement.

However, it appears as though we still have some work to do. We have to begin building this new Earth without fear and learn how to step out of these dysfunctional dynamics that have been created. We need a new system and it is up to us to build it. I am definitely feeling that there is another large contraction coming within this birthing process.

Are you ready to take the lead?


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